Progress and why I’m the meanest mom

Yesterday was a success!  My parents came over and watched the kids for us while we went out and ran errands.  First stop was to Ikea to buy this:


After a lot of research, we decided it would be a good buy for our living room and it’s on sale right now.  So we folded down all the seats in the van and went and picked it up.  I have to say,  a minivan wasn’t my first choice but it’s amazing how much stuff fits in that thing.  We thought we were going to need a pick up truck to get the couch home but amazingly fit it in the van.

From there we headed to hhgregg where we ordered our appliances.  That purchase really makes this whole kitchen renovation real for me.  Those are the first things we actually purchased.  So now we have 3 weeks until our shiny new appliances arrive which means it’s time to start the demo!  This week we’ll also be ordering our floors, sink and faucet, and possibly our cabinets if we can get down to Ikea.  If not, cabinets will wait until next week.  In the mean time, I will be emptying out all our upper cabinets so that this weekend we can take them down and Lawrence can start putting in the recessed lighting (YAY!) and make the cut out in our living room wall.  Before pictures coming soon.

After the 7.5 miles on Sunday, I took yesterday completely off.  No need to push things at this point.  This morning, I’m meeting a friend for a run and will probably head to the gym for a weight class as well.  I’m kind of amazed at the timing of all of this.  If there was ever a time I needed to be able to decompress with a run, it’s right now.  While I’m incredibly thankful and excited for this renovation, I know it will be very stressful.  Even more so since we are doing the majority of the work ourselves.  It will be so nice to be able to escape for an hour here and there to unwind and recharge.

In other news, last night I won the worst mom award from Ryan.  No really, Lawrence found him on the computer searching for: “my mom tara is the meanest mom” on google.  He wouldn’t speak to me or eat dinner at the table with me.  What horrible crime did I commit?  I was singing along to a song he likes.  Apparently, no one else is allowed to like the same music he likes.  Oops.  But seriously, it’s catchy.

It’s hard to be 9 with such a mean mom.


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  1. Juliet says:

    Haha. Charlotte tells me to stop singing her songs all the time.

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