Stream of Consciousness

I’m sitting here dreading the pool running I have planned for today.  Hopefully putting it out there that I’m going to do it will force me to actually do it.  Pool running isn’t really that bad, just boring but then, so is the elliptical.  Plus it allows me to add intensity and speed work without adding stress to my feet and risking more injuries.  SO… I WILL pool run for 60 minutes today! (maybe)

Yesterday’s workouts went well.  The run felt great.  4 relaxed miles and my legs just want to run.  I’m at that critical stage where I need to reign it in and not get carried away.  I haven’t been good at that in the past so it definitely has me worried.  I worry about every little ache and pain in my foot at this point.  I think I just need to err on the side of caution, which is why I’m passing on the run with friends outside this morning in favor of boring pool running.

The demo has started in the kitchen.  Here’s what the wall between the kitchen and living room looked like yesterday.


And here’s what it looks like now.


Lawrence has to move some electrical wires that are there, cut out the studs, do some reinforcing and framing and then we will cut through to the other side.  Tonight we’ll be taking down some of our upper cabinets which means I have to unload them today.  I’m really not sure where all of this stuff is going to go but on the plus side, it’ll be a good reason to go through all the cabinets and downsize.

And in other completely unrated news, I’m on a mission to find my favorite pumpkin ale.  I think next year we’ll have to have a pumpkin ale tasting party where we try all of them side by side.  I bought this one yesterday and tried it last night.


Very tasty!

I also bought this one on the recommendation of a few people.


We’re going to try it out this weekend.  I’ll let you know the verdict.

And that picture reminds me, I found my new favorite running jacket.  I’ve been pretty good about not buying stuff at work over the last 6 months.  Since I wasn’t really running, I couldn’t justify new running gear.  But I figured I could splurge on a new jacket to celebrate my return to running.  That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.


This Nike jacket might be the most comfortable thing ever.  This is going to be my cold weather go to for racing this winter.

OH, and in case anyone was worried, Ryan is now speaking to me again.  And even let me listen to his song last night.  Apparently, I’m allowed to listen to it, but I’m not allowed to be the one to play it and I’m DEFINITELY not allowed to sing along.  It’s good to know these things.


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