Running and Kitchen Demo

After dreading the pool running all morning, it really wasn’t that bad.  In fact, it was so not bad that I think I’m going to go do it again today.  I’m going to shoot for 2 to 3 times a week in the pool.  In addition to it being zero impact, I think it’s good for my ankle flexibility.  I did a pyramid workout: 10 minute warmup, 1,2,3,4,5,5,4,3,2,1 hard minutes with 1 minute recovery in between, 10 minute cool down.  I was seriously bummed out yesterday when I went to pack my waterproof mp3 player and couldn’t find it.  Of course I couldn’t find it!  It’s one of those things you rarely need but when you do, you’re so happy you have it.  After searching for 2o minutes, I gave up and headed to pool.  As luck would have it, water aerobics was going on so I got to listen to music after all.  Since I didn’t look goofy enough being the only one in the rec center pool running, I upped to dork factor by also singing along to the music.  Hey whatever gets me through it.  Hopefully I’ll be lucky again today because it definitely makes the time go by faster.

I also went up to the fun run at the running store last night.  Here’s my tip for the day, when you replace the batteries in your headlamp, make sure you’re putting in NEW ones.  We started running and I couldn’t even see the sidewalk in front of me.  The thing died shortly thereafter.  On the bright side (haha), it was still a good run.  Not having a light forced me to run a little faster to keep up with the one guy who had one and they took mercy on me and didn’t run all bat-out-of-hell crazy.  I ended up having a horrible side cramp and walked for a couple of minutes in the fourth mile and couldn’t help feeling sorry for myself for a few steps.  Runs that used to feel so easy were so hard!  But then I remembered how happy I was to be running again.  I’ll take some cramps over being sidelined any day.  It’ll be a long road back, but that’ll just make reaching my goal that much sweeter.

After the run we were standing around talking and one of the guys that showed up to the run is someone who shops at the running store regularly.  We were talking about how long I’ve been injured and he made a comment about how much happier I seemed last night.  So yes, I’ve been a bitter angry injured runner for the better part of 8 months.  If that’s been keeping you from coming into the store and replacing your running shoes, I apologize.  It’s now safe to shop there again.

The demo has taken a serious turn in the kitchen.  The upper cabinets are out!  It is a lot of chaos right now.  Lawrence had asked me to empty out one cabinet yesterday so he could open up the soffits and make sure there was nothing in them.  Well that turned into him taking down all the cabinets while I was running.  Since I hadn’t emptied all the other cabinets, he had to quickly do it.  So right now my dining room looks like this:


My job today is to box everything that we don’t need up and put in it in the basement.  Everything we use will stay on the dining room table for now.  I’m really not sure how we’re going to be able to function once the lower cabinets come out, it’s going to be an interesting couple of months.  And those huge boxes in the picture?  Yeah, that’s the new couch.  It’ll get assembled after the new floors go in… hopefully before Christmas.

A couple pics with and without cabinets.



The rest of the soffits will come down tonight and I think Lawrence is planning on moving some wires we found up there.  We’re ordering our floors tonight and making the trip to Ikea on Sunday to order the cabinets.  I’m not sure where it’s all going to go, but I’m so excited to get them!

So that’s all for now, off to pool. 🙂


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  1. Alice says:

    I like your new header. You’re looking quite buff 🙂 Wish I’d been there for the demo part. Ever since I started watching those house shows, I’ve been wanting to tear down a wall. Can’t wait to see the “after”. And I do see now how you could use the word “love” about your new appliances. Love you mucho.

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