Now that the demo is completely done, there won’t be any more dramatic before and after shots until the cabinets start going up.  But even though it doesn’t look like there are big changes happening, there definitely are.  Today was another incredibly productive day.  For me, it was just the usual stuff of trying to keep our lives together during this renovation, changing sheets, doing laundry, moving piles of stuff from one corner of the floor to the other.  It kind of feels like normal life should come to a halt while we work on the kitchen.  What do you kids mean you want breakfast??  We’re busy renovating!  Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works, so I have to figure out how to keep things as normal as possible amidst the chaos that’s currently surrounding us.

When Lawrence got home from work, I rounded up the kids and took them to Costco for dinner.  I wanted to get them out of the house while Lawrence and our friend, who conveniently for us is an electrician, ran some new circuits.  We’re moving our fridge to the other side of the kitchen, so it needed it’s own dedicated circuit over there.  They also had to run one to the microwave which should’ve already had one but didn’t.  With the help, Lawrence was able to get those things done a lot quicker than he would’ve been able to alone.  He should be finishing up the electric tomorrow which keeps us right on schedule for the drywall to go up this weekend.  YAY!

Our new sink arrived today and got added to the mountain of boxes in the living room.  I am totally in love with it.  I didn’t know that was possible.


It’s huge.  Like, we may start taking baths in the kitchen sink huge.

So those are the kitchen happenings for today.  The kids and I enjoyed some of the gorgeous weather this afternoon and I even remembered to grab the camera.



Cuties.  I need to remember to do some fall portraits of all 4 in the next couple of weeks.

My foot has been achy since my run on Friday, I think the hill repeats may have been a little too much for it.  I took the past 3 days completely off and am meeting up with a friend for an easy run in the morning.  Hopefully everything will feel good and I can continue training for my December half marathon.  Fingers crossed!


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