Yesterday was an incredibly productive day.  It feels good.  It also feels exhausting.  All the late nights this week caught up to me.  I was planning to finish painting the bathroom last night, unfortunately, around 8:30 I knew trying to start anything would be counterproductive since I was too tired to care what it looked like.  Instead, I crawled into bed and was asleep by 9:15.  That was definitely a good decision, the bathroom could wait.  I woke up this morning feeling 10,000 times better and ready to paint.  I finished the stripes and am so happy with how they turned out!


It should be completely finished and back in service this evening.  It felt a little crazy to be starting something else while our house is totally torn apart but 1. I needed something to do to feel useful while Lawrence did electrical and 2. walking in here stresses me out.


It was good to have something to do to keep me occupied and away from the kitchen.  And actually 3. we aren’t the neatest when we’re doing projects and I would be so sad to get paint or scratches on our brand new floors, so it’s good to knock these main floor projects out while it doesn’t matter if we knock over an entire can of paint in the house.

Yesterday, Lawrence’s dad volunteered to come over in his pick up and help us take stuff to the dump.  We are SO thankful (as are our neighbors who don’t have to look out their windows at that mess anymore.)  Remember that huge pile of trash in the backyard?  No?  I’ll remind you.


You can’t even see the cabinets in this picture.  It was truly awful.   And full.  We couldn’t make it from out back door to our gate, so there was no using the grill or getting to our trashcan.  Lovely.  After two trips to the dump, it looks like this:


We still need to get rid of that flooring but it’s MUCH better and we can get out our back door again.

Lawrence took the day off today because our floors are being delivered.  It will be interesting trying to find somewhere to put them.  I feel like it gets a little more chaotic every day.  I’m looking forward to the stage of the renovation where things seem to get a little LESS chaotic every day.  Hopefully that’s coming soon.  Once the drywall goes up we can start getting cabinets in which will alleviate some of our space issues.  Lawrence still has a few things on his list that need to get done before the drywall goes up but so far we’re still on schedule to start tomorrow.  Hopefully after this weekend things will start looking a little more like a kitchen and a little less like a construction zone.

Lucky for me I’ll be out of the house a lot this weekend.  My mother-in-law is going to watch the kids for us tomorrow while I’m at work and Lawrence works on the drywall.  On Sunday I’m heading downtown to cheer on my friends at the Marine Corps Marathon.  That race has a special place in my heart since it was my very first marathon back in 2006 and the first time I ran a Boston qualifier in 2012.  I had planned to run it this year but since I spent so much of the year sidelined, I’ll be down there to cheer on everyone else instead.  I’m actually excited about that.  I had so much support last year that it will be fun to be on the other side cheering.



MCM 2012

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Alice says:

    Wish I were there to go cheer this weekend. I love that race too because of my favorite Marine! Don’t forget your wigs and other accessories! Love ya like a sister.

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