Marine Corps Marathon 2013

I’m going to take a break from kitchen updates for just a minute and talk about running.  When I started this blog, I intended for it to be mainly about running and racing.  And then of course, I wasn’t running or racing so that got weird.  I think there were a lot of pictures of Dunkin Donuts for a while there.  Now that I’m back to running, it’s in a more healthy, less encompassing way, so while I’ll still write about it as I return to training and racing, I’ll also just write about what’s going on in my life on any given day.  So if you were wondering about the change in header (which you may or may not have noticed), that’s why.  And a big thank you to my friend’s husband who suggested this name back when I started the blog. 🙂

ANYWAY, this weekend was amazing.  That is the only word for it.  As I said in my last post, the Marine Corps Marathon will always hold a special place in my heart.  And even though I didn’t race this year, just getting to share in the experience of so many others was incredibly emotional for me (yes I cried… multiple times).  I worked all day Saturday and it may be my favorite day of the year to work.  In fact, if I ever stop working at the running store, I may just come back and volunteer to work the day before the marathon for free.  We had so many people come in looking for last minute supplies.  Nervous first timers.  Confident experienced runners.  Runners looking for PR’s.  Runners just looking to finish.  I loved talking to each and every one of them.  Listening to their stories, their goals, their concerns.  I loved wishing them luck as they left the store preparing to embark on an emotional, painful, life changing journey.  There’s just something about the marathon.

Saturday night I met some friends for a carb loading dinner, including these two:


Not a great picture of me but this is the 3 of us at a Wednesday night fun run.  We’ve been running together for over a year now (well minus those 8 months I was sidelined… details).  Running with them was a big part of why I set so many PR’s last fall.  I remember one 16 miler with Jeremy (on the right) where I looked at my watch and said, “Guess what??!! I just PR’ed the half marathon on this run!”  He just looked at me and said, “Great… now calm down, we still have 3 miles to go.”  And that is the difference between training with guys instead of girls. 😉  They both put in a lot of training miles for this marathon and I was happy to get to cheer for each of them on the course Sunday.  And they both did awesome!

Sunday morning I got up at 4:45 to catch a ride to the start with my friends.


Here they are right before they headed to the start.

While they were getting in the corals, those of us cheering took time out to get some pictures.


I was pretty happy with my second place finish.

And then they were off.  We walked down to the start to see everyone pass there and then headed to mile 10.5.  We were able to see Jeremy and Peter pass there, no pictures of that as they were flew by too fast.  I ran with a friend at this point until about 15.5.


She ran an 18 minute PR yesterday!  That’s pretty incredible.  When we found her husband and kids at 15.5, I stopped.  From that point, I should’ve been able to get to mile 20 by going less than half a mile.  Unfortunately, I have the worst sense of direction of anyone… ever.  I asked 5 different people, ended up at mile 17 TWICE, and finally found 20, 3 miles later.  Oops.  I was very worried I had missed my friend but luckily found her a few minutes later.


I ran the last 10k with her.


It was amazing.  Those last 6 miles are always the most difficult painful miles I ever run, so I know the pain and the mental toughness it takes to push through them.  I was so incredibly proud and inspired to watch her dig deep and power through to the end of her first marathon.

All in all yesterday, I ended up doing over 14 miles, the longest I’ve run since February.  And holy cow am I sore.  But I’m sore in the best possible way, from a nice long effort.  My foot isn’t sore at all.  Literally.  Every time I stand up I expect to feel something, but so far it feels great.  I’m still going to baby it for a while, I’m taking today completely off and will probably head to the pool tomorrow but I’m so excited to feel like I’m finally getting back to my old running self.  And just in time to get to share the MCM experience with some of my favorite people.


Congratulations to everyone who ran yesterday, you inspire and amaze me!


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