We Have Walls!

Okay, so where were we.  On Friday, the kitchen looked a little like this:



I already talked about my weekend, the all running all the time weekend.  Lawrence’s weekend was also all encompassing.  The all kitchen all the time weekend.  Lawrence’s mom helped us out by picking up the kids on Saturday while I was at work so Lawrence could work on the drywall.   He ended up having a pretty frustrating day.  After a 3 hour trip to Home Depot, he made it home only to discover he was missing something, so back to Home Depot he went.  (Side note: if we ever move, it will be to a house within 5 minutes of a home improvement store.)  Because the 2 trips to Home Depot took up so much of his day, he wasn’t able to get as much of the drywall done as he’d hoped.

Sunday his dad came over and helped him get the rest of the drywall up.  He also got it taped and mudded.  Here’s how it’s looking right now:


We have walls!

Things always seem to take a little longer than you think they are, so although we’d hoped to have the cabinets put up by the time the appliances got here on Saturday, I doubt it’s going to happen.  So the new goal is to get the drywall completely finished and painted and the ceiling finished and painted before the appliances get here.  Then we can spend the rest of the weekend putting the cabinets up.  Since the living room currently looks like this:


Finding a spot to build the cabinets might be a challenge.

Hard to believe that 2 weeks ago the kitchen looked like this:


Getting there!


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