Drywall is pretty boring and returning to running

We continue to move right along in the kitchen but it looks pretty similar to what it looked like yesterday, except for, you know, more mud.  The joy of drywalling!  This is really the last of the difficult jobs (or so Lawrence tells me, it all looks pretty daunting to me.)  Once the walls are done and painted, mounting the cabinets is pretty easy.  So no fun before and after photos today.

I did hang a picture in the bathroom, so here’s a picture of that.



That’s little Brendan.  Hard to believe.  That picture used to reside in the downstairs bathroom and the frame used to be silver.  Now that Brendan is living down there and using that bathroom, I need to do a little redo to make it more functional for him, more storage, etc.  So I painted the frame and relocated it and think it looks perfect in this space.

Now that my foot is finally on the mend, I’ve got a new training program as I start to base build for the spring marathon season.  I’m feeling a little apprehensive right now about training.  I’ve been feeling so great lately, I just want to jump right in and run run run.  But I’ve learned the hard way that that’s a one way ticket to injury city.  So I want to make sure I’m adding miles and intensity in the safest possible way.  Enter my friend/coach.  He’s a coworker and 2:40 marathoner I’ve enlisted to make me a training plan with the goal of a sub 3:10 marathon this spring.  While I’m capable of making my own training plan and did last fall for the most part, I wanted someone else to give me one because I’m more likely to actually follow it.  It gives me some accountability.  I’m less likely to go out for a 3 mile easy run and end up doing a 10 mile tempo run just because I felt like it.  When every run has a purpose, it’s easier to stick to the plan.  And right now each easy run has a purpose: to get my body used to being on my feet again.  Like he told me yesterday: “Remember, even though you ran a 3:16 marathon, you are NOT a 3:16 marathoner right now!”  A little hard to hear but also 100% true.  I can’t jump right back into training where I left off in February, it doesn’t work that way.  Even though I know I have a lot of hard work ahead of me, I’m not nervous or scared or doubting my ability to reach my goal.  All I am today is excited.  And happy.  Ready to push myself again and feel the burn of a good hard run.

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed yesterday with all the chaos I’m currently living in and then found this in the mail:


It made my day.  And reminded me that I needed to book our flights.  So I did.


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