Quick update, Pictures to come!

Short post because…. the appliances come today!!!  It’s been an incredibly busy weekend of getting the cabinets up and we’re nearly there.  Since almost all of our lowers are drawers the assembly is a bit more cumbersome than doors would’ve been but I love them and know the functionality will be worth the extra work now.  I am in awe of how much Lawrence has been able to do in the short time since we started this project.  In only 2 weeks, we went from completely gutted, to an almost functional kitchen!  I’ve helped out here and there where I could, but really, he’s done 90% of the work with me and his dad filling in the other 10%.  (I give myself credit for sitting and talking to him while he works, moral support counts for something, right?)

While Lawrence worked on the cabinets this weekend, I worked all day Saturday.  From work we met my brother and sister-in-law for dinner to get the kids back.  After we got home and got the kids to bed, we assembled cabinets.  I’m happy to report that the stack of boxes in the living room, which looked like this:


is dwindling and should be completely gone by Wednesday.

Sunday was do or die with the appliances coming today.  We realized we needed to exchange some pieces at Ikea, so Brendan and I headed over to do that while Lawrence worked on the installation.

Last night, I had a work event where I got to try out some of new pieces in the Brooks line which I’ll do a separate post about.  I’ve never really run in Brooks before but got a pair of Glycerins last night and loved them.  They will definitely be in rotation as I up my mileage.

I’ll be back this afternoon with lots of new pictures.  There was a minute there when we were putting in the cabinet boxes where I kind of panicked and wondered if we made the right choices.  Should we have gone with Ikea cabinets?  Did I like the finish?  Was the new layout going to make sense once we got all the cabinets and appliances in?  Is it going to look good?  I’m not that great at envisioning the end result and we picked everything start to finish so if it turns out badly, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves.  But as the cabinets have gone in, I’m loving it more and more.

Happy Monday!


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