It’s in the details

We finally decided on a granite installer and slab.  It was a little dicey for a while.  Originally I thought I wanted white.  I love the thought of a white kitchen.  Like this:


So pretty with the dark floors!  But what I realized is that I like the look of white marble.  But marble isn’t a hardy as granite so we knew we weren’t going that route.  And I just couldn’t find a white granite that I liked in our price range.  So after a couple trips looking for the perfect white granite, we decided to switch modes completely and go black.  Like this:


How did people renovate before the internet??  Who knows what crazy choices we would’ve made if it weren’t for the fact that you can google just about any combination and see how it’ll all look together.  After going to 6 different shops, looking at what felt like hundreds of stone, we decided to go with the angola black.


I’m so excited to get the counter tops in.  The kitchen will be nearly complete once those go in and the water gets turned back on again.  I’m like a kid counting down to Christmas!  I’ve missed the little things, like filling up the coffee pot in the kitchen instead of trekking to the bathroom.  Hmm, that makes it sound like the bathroom is on a different level or something, but no, it’s just down the hall and I’m just lazy.  Unfortunately, things were booking up quickly with the granite place and we couldn’t get on the schedule for them to come out and measure until Monday.  After they measure, the soonest we’ll be able to get it installed is the next Monday because Lawrence wants to be here when they come to install and that’s the first time he can fit in into his work schedule.  And that’s only if they have room on the schedule.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll have counters before Thanksgiving.  So now we wait.  Only one more decision to make!  Thank goodness because I’m decision-ed out.  Deciding on something and then second- third- eighty fifth- guessing yourself is exhausting!  There have definitely been some frantic texts sent out asking if things will look okay.  I’m going to pick up some back splash tile samples one of these days and we’ll stare at those for a while.

On the upside, while we wait, we have time to work on the kitchen details.  Those little things that we might be too burnt out to do when we finally get floors in and the kitchen is totally usable.  Things like molding, cabinet lighting, painting, etc.  So the kitchen was looking like this:


Now it looks like this:


We have handles!  And trim!  It’s starting to look a lot more finished.

Monday night our friend came over and helped Lawrence finish up the last of the electrical.


Everyone should have a friend who’s an electrician.  I highly recommend it. 😉

And now our cabinets look like this:


The cabinet to the right of the microwave also has lights but we had a little placement issue with those ones, so they will be getting the final install tonight.


A closer shot of that cabinet.  The bottom of the cabinets are getting trim tonight to hide those lights.  My paint swatches are currently in the cabinet while we pick a color.  The inside of both glass cabinets are going turquoise.

We also hung a pendant over the sink.


This window will be getting new trim this weekend.

Aside from those things, it’s been things you can’t see, like attaching the microwave vent in that cabinet above it, giving the trim a coat of glossy white paint, finally building the pull out pantry!


I love it.  Although we’ve already had to a have a talk with the kids about no riding in the pantry.  Oh children!  They keep life interesting. 😉


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