Choosing Paint Color aka Torture for the Indecisive

It’s been a whirlwind of a week!  I’ve been doing a lot of painting and will post pictures of that soon.  I’ve been waiting to post pictures until something interesting happened, but right now the work I’m doing is pretty slow and tedious and the before and after pictures aren’t that impressive.  But like I said in my last post, it’s in the details, so I plug on even on the days where I wake up and know I stayed up until midnight the night before working but everything looks pretty much the same.

So let’s talk about paint.  One of the issues I had which put a stop to any forward progress for me was deciding what color to go with in the glass cabinets.  In my mind, the were the perfect shade of turquoise, but I couldn’t seem to find it!  After buying 5 samples at Home Depot, I finally decided on a color, Adriatic Mist by Behr.  But still wasn’t sure about it, so I painted a sample on some cardboard and stuck in the cabinet.


Adriatic Mist on the right.  I hated it.  It was way too minty.  Kind of like toothpaste.  Not at all what I was thinking.  But I did like that color on the right, Rivers Edge, so I went ahead and painted the cabinets in that color.


(Cabinets in Rivers Edge)

You can’t tell from that picture but it was neon.  Like, the kitchen was glowing turquoise at night neon.  I hated it.  It was just too much.  But I did like the shade, so I headed back to Home Depot and got samples of the other two colors on the paint card.


This is a terrible picture.  But Rivers Edge is the bottom color and was too dark for my space.  I painted swatches of both the other colors and decided to go with the middle color, Windwood Spring.


(Cabinets in Windwood Spring)

Funny thing, in the pictures, they look almost identical.  But here are the two swatches next to each other:


Windwood Spring on the left and Rivers Edge on the right.  They look very different next to each other but in the cabinets they read nearly the same.  Windwood Spring is just a little softer and less crazy bright.

We’ve painted nearly every wall in this house at least once and what I’ve learned in that time is I need to always ALWAYS invest in paint samples.  At Home Depot the little sample jars are $3ish and worth every penny.  When we first moved in, we taped the paint cards to the wall, stared at them for a while, looked at them in different lights, picked one and bought a gallon of paint.  And then we started painting.  And realized the color was totally wrong.  They look SO different on the walls than they do on those tiny cards.  I would rather spend an extra $30 on samples and pick a color I love than skip that step, hate the color and end up having to repaint down the road when I can’t stand it any more (yep, it’s happened.)  For our main level which is all pretty much the same color, we bought 9 samples before we chose a color.  For the turquoise, I’m getting better and only bought 7.  So if anyone needs flat turquoise paint for a project, let me know, I have some.

And in other news, they measured for the granite on Monday, taped off our slab yesterday and I signed the contract, so now we’re just waiting for a call from the granite place with our install date which I’m praying is next week.  Almost there!


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  1. Lookin’ good. Can’t wait to see the real thing!

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