A Kitchen, Turkey Trot, and Birthday Post

There’s been a lot going on in the kitchen but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to write up a post about it!  Lawrence was out of town last week, so I took that opportunity to do some painting and work on clearing out the backyard.  Once he got back, we had to make sure everything was ready for the granite to go in Wednesday.  It’s in and it’s gorgeous, I couldn’t be happier.  Living without counters and water in the kitchen was difficult, so it’s nice to finally have them back.  Here’s a peak at that:


This weekend we’re working on the back splash.  Once we get that in, I’ll go ahead and post a bunch of pictures of how it currently looks.  After this weekend, the only thing we should have left is the floors.  It’s hard to believe it’s almost over!

Yesterday, I got up early and ran my first real race since February!  I was able to convince my brother to brave the cold and earn his turkey too which made it more fun. 🙂  We did the Freedom Center Turkey Trot in Manassas which was in it’s first year so I thought it would be smaller than some of the other races in the area.  I was surprised that there were over 800 people running the race.  My training plan for the day said:

“5k Progression Run: 2 mile warm up, drills, 5k, 2 mile cool down (7 total)

Lets not get carried away today. Use it as a workout, not a race. Make sure you are warmed up before the start and do your strides about 5 minutes before the gun. I usually do 20/20/30/20. Your splits should roughly look like this: 1st mile: 7:30 2nd mile: 7:00 3rd mile: 6:45. The goal should be to just get in a good workout and PROGRESS through the run, not start fast and die then have a miserable day! You should feel good but tired at the end and leave feeling like you accomplished something, not thinking about how you used to run fast.”

Dave and I warmed up before the race and I told him my plan was to go out in 7:30 and just see where I went from there.  Well, I am horrible at pacing.  The gun went off and off we went.  I felt pretty good the first mile and thought I was locked in on a hard but comfortable pace, around 7-7:15, still faster than I was supposed to run my first mile, but not too far off.  I was surprised to reach the first mile in 6:33 particularly because I was still feeling great.  I have a tendency to go out way too fast in 5k’s and then spend the rest of the race miserable.  I decided to ease off the pace a little at this point and to just run by feel.  Mile 2 was 6:41.  The second half of the 3rd mile it started feeling pretty tough when we turned into a nice little headwind.  I just had to tell myself that the race was almost over, just 2 laps around the track, one 800, I could get through one 800.  Mile 3 was 6:37.  That’s the first time in a 5k that my last mile wasn’t my slowest.  I usually get progressively slower so I feel like that shows how good I was feeling at the end of the race.  I finished in 20:18, 5th place woman and 29th overall.  While I didn’t follow my race plan, I’m so incredibly happy with that race.  It gives us an idea of where I am fitness-wise which is helpful since in a month or so, I’ll start marathon specific training.  My foot is feeling a little sore this morning, but no pain which is always the test.  After the 5k I did on the 4th of July, I could barely walk to the car.  So to run and not be crippled afterward is a success in and of itself.  The plan is to take today off, ice, roll and stretch.

And I didn’t even get in trouble with Coach.  The conversation when a little like this:

Me: Have I mentioned my inability to follow directions?

C: I figured. How’d it go?

Me: As far as racing goes, one of my best 5k’s, felt fast and controlled. 20:18 5th woman.

C: Nice.  And with a little training you’ll get that time down.  I’m just going to assume you felt as good as you did because you haven’t been over training.  Better to be under trained than over.

Amen.  I’ve been running pretty low mileage and only 4 days a week.  Since we’ve been so busy with the kitchen, I haven’t been doing much any cross training at all.  Not good, but it’s all I can do right now to squeeze in the runs.  Yesterday was my 3rd fastest 5k ever.  To be able to run that on the minimal training I’m doing gave me a big confidence boost.  And also reinforced the fact that I need to actually follow the training plan.  We’ve talked about my goals and now I just have to have faith in the plan and most importantly, have patience.

After the race, Dave (who finished 17th overall and 1st in his age group) and I headed back to his house.  Lawrence and the kids were already there and after I iced my foot, we celebrated with Dave’s tasty margaritas.


I have a lot to be thankful for!

Today is Brendan’s 14th birthday.  FOURTEEN.  Where does the time go?

From baby


To young man


Happy Birthday, Brendan!  We love you!


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