I can’t believe it’s Monday already.  The weekends around here seem to go really fast since we’re trying to get everything done in the next couple of weeks.  This weekend we tackled the back splash which means the only project left is the floors!  We had a tough time picking out a tile.  I originally wanted a beveled edge white subway tile, like this:


Clean and pretty.  But Lawrence was against subway tiles from the get go.  He wanted something more interesting so we were having a really hard time finding something we both liked.  I stopped by The Tile Shop one day and found this tile:


It’s clear glass, frosted glass, white carrara marble and shattered glass tiles.  I fell in love with it and bought a sheet so I could show Lawrence.


I was actually pretty surprised when he liked it too.  The only problem was the price tag.  At 24.99 per square foot, it was a little more than we were planning to spend.  And luckily, once we had it up in the kitchen and stared at for a few days, I decided I didn’t like it as much because it looked too grey.  So I went back to the drawing board and started poking around online.  Enter the Lowe’s cracked glass tile.


This tile also had clear, frosted and shattered glass tiles but without the marble, it looked less grey.  I also liked the uniform sizes of the tiles as compared to the other one.  And at 11.98 a square foot, it was much more affordable.  I got my subway tile look after all but with something a little more exciting for Lawrence.  I love the way the cracked glass tiles look when light hits them.  A little bit of bling for our kitchen. 🙂 Here they are going in:


And after they were all in:


The cracked glass tiles were a little bit of a pain to work with.  We couldn’t cut them at all because they would completely shatter when we tried.  And after we had them all up, we saw a few that had cracked going in, so Lawrence had to pull those out and replace them before we grout.  But I think it was worth the little bit of extra work because we really love them.

Lawrence also got the window trim in this weekend.

Messy Before:






I think it’s an amazing difference.  It’s hard to believe that first picture is what our kitchen looked like only 2 months ago!

I’m so happy to be on the home stretch.  The kitchen is already 100% more functional for us even in it’s current state of disarray than the old layout was.  And I love looking around knowing that we did all the work.  I’m really looking forward to the floors being done.  It’s a big job because we’re going to replace the floors on the entire first level at the same time.  All of the stuff that was in the kitchen is currently in the living room.  So we have to figure out where to put all that stuff.  Also our floors aren’t totally level, so Lawrence has to do some leveling before the wood goes in.  And in the meantime, I continue to paint.

The other side of the kitchen before:


And After


I painted that wall the same turquoise that’s in the glass cabinets on the other side of the kitchen.


I also painted the stairway that leads to the basement which is that beige color on the right of the turquoise wall.  The wall that the sliding door is on is also now painted beige.  Today, I’ll paint the stairway leading upstairs.  Stairs are my least favorite thing to paint, so knocking that off the list will be very nice.

So that’s where we are today.  Close to done but still plenty to do.  Thank goodness for Amazon, otherwise I don’t think there would be any chance that my Christmas shopping would get done!

Happy Monday! 🙂


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  1. Claire says:

    Love that all your hard work is paying off! Looks beautiful. Can I come bake in your kitchen!

  2. Wow! Tell me again the date of Brendan’s confirmation. Oh…and I found the beverage container. What a memory! I didn’t put it with the party stuff so I forgot about it. I’m not sure whether I’m coming up Tuesday (The 10th was my real appt. date.) but I can’t drive because of hurting my shoulder. So it just depends on whether Dad will drive me. We’ll see. But if I do, I can drop everything off. Will that work?

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