Everyone needs a friend like that

Yesterday I talked about what a disaster my living room was.  I wasn’t exaggerating.  It was a total disaster.  So my sister-in-law volunteered, as in I didn’t ask her, to come over and help me start getting it ready to put the flooring in.  She willing took out time from the things that she needed to do to come help out.  There was a time that I would’ve declined the offer of help.  I felt guilty asking people to spend their valuable time doing something for me.  Yeah, those days are long gone.  If you offer to help me, there’s a good chance I will say yes.  You’ve been warned.

She showed up ready to work around 11:30 and after just under 3 hours we had most of the carpet removed.  It was a lot of moving stuff around.  It’s the curse of no garage.  Here’s what it looks like now:


Still too much stuff in there, but at least most of the carpet is gone.  There’s still a little bit left on the other side:


I’m hoping Brendan and I can get that out tonight.  My father-in-law is coming by tomorrow with his pick up truck to help me get things to the dump and I’d like to have all the carpet out before then.  We’ll still have to move things around before we can start working on the floors in there, but getting the carpets out, pulling up all the staples and getting the floor boards out definitely saves us a couple hours of work on Friday.  So hopefully we’ll be able to get the floors done this weekend and the house back to some sort of order.  And maybe even buy our Christmas tree.

And even though from those pictures it looks like we still have a lot of stuff in the living room, we actually cleared out a good bit and moved it to the kitchen.


Every time I walked past the living room I wondered how on earth we would get it done, so having Jes here and figuring out where things should go and what we should do was a HUGE help.  I now feel less overwhelmed by it and am ready to tackle that room.  One step closer.

I also managed to get a run in today and it was crazy icy out which forced me to run on the roads in a few spots.  123 is not runner friendly road by any means.  I’ve been pretty good about squeezing in my runs here and there but took the weekend off to get the kitchen floors done so it was nice to get back out there again.  And am glad I didn’t get run over or slip and break a hip… I’m no spring chicken! 😉


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