Done.  I’m beginning to think that “done” doesn’t actually exist.  It feels like every time we finish one thing, we think of 10 more things we need to do.  But at least we’re back to a pretty functional house.  Even after we got the kitchen back in, it was really hard to get dinner on the table because, well, because we had no table.  I mean, we HAD a table but it was buried.


And that is after the living room was “cleaned up” if you can believe that.  It was bad.  But after last night, the entire main level has floors again (cue angels singing).


Just ignore that air compressor in the middle of the room.  Oh and that thing to the right of the picture?


That’s the table saw.  Not everyone keeps a table saw in the middle of their living room?  Weird.

Having a place to sit in the living room again is kind of wonderful.  Have you taken a minute today to appreciate your couch?  You should.  Couches are awesome.  Speaking of which, we have a new one.  Remember what we started with?  No?  Here’s a picture from way back when we started this project.


Big blue couch is no more.  Thank to craigslist it has a happy new home.  And wow.  It’s kind of hard to believe that is the same house I’m currently in.  Let’s put those two pictures side by side.


Not exactly the same angle but you get the idea.  So much brighter and more open.  Anyway, back to couches.  We got a new one back in October and finally got it out of the boxes.


Hello comfy new sectional.  And for fun, a picture looking from the kitchen into the living room.


As for all the details that still need to be done, we still need to put in about half the baseboards and all of quarter round.  We need to paint the coat closet and put the doors back on.  We need to put wood putty in some of the nail holes in the floor.  I need to fill the holes in the baseboards and paint them and Lawrence needs to put some filler pieces in the kitchen and the crown molding up.  We are also pulling the carpet off the stairs going upstairs and putting hardwood in.  Compared to what we started with it’s a short list but I’m definitely at the point where I just want it to be done.  Luckily, I think we’ll take a break for Christmas and hopefully be re-energized to finish up all the detail work.

And in the midst of it all, I continue to run.  I’m slowly and cautiously increasing my mileage so that I’ll be able to start marathon training in January.  Everything seems to be holding up for now.  My philosophy currently is that as long as running doesn’t make anything feel worse, continue doing it.  If my foot feels extra sore after a run (like it did after the turkey trot) I back off.  It doesn’t feel 100% to run on it, but as long as I’m seeing improvement, I guess I’m not making it worse.  It’s difficult because I don’t want the fear of hurting myself to keep me doing something I love but on the other hand, I don’t want to re-injure myself.  It seems like a fine line and I’ve never been great at listening to my body.  On the plus side, I have zero temptation to run more mileage than I’m supposed to which is what got me into this mess to begin with.  I follow my training plan and that’s all the mileage I’m doing.

This weekend is a busy one.  FINALLY putting up a Christmas tree.  Thankfully Amazon saved me and I have most of the Christmas shopping done but we’ll have to have a marathon wrapping session at some point.  All-in-all, I’m incredibly happy with where we are.  I mean, I wish we were done but we will be…. one day. 🙂


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