Surgery on the horizon

It’s been a rough couple of weeks over here for a lot of reasons.  As far as running goes, I got some not so great news yesterday.  I went to a new doctor because I’d been having some pain in my foot and after a year of dealing with this injury, it just seemed like something still wasn’t right.  Well, let’s back up a little, last week I went back to my chiropractor for the first time since the summer.  He worked his magic and although initially things felt more sore, in a few days, the pain in my foot pretty much went away.  So much so that I thought about cancelling the appointment with the new podiatrist.  It seemed silly to go in and say, well, my foot was hurting, but now it’s not, but go ahead and take an x-ray anyway.  Turns out it wasn’t so dumb after all.

The x-ray came back still showing a fracture.  At this point with the amount of time it’s been since I did it, he’s calling it a non union fracture which means my only option now is surgery.  I told him that I was registered for Boston and he said since I’d been running on it so long, 3 months wasn’t really going to make a difference, so to keep training, run Boston and then we’d do the surgery.  If it starts acting up after long runs or whatnot, I should put my boot back on for a couple of days.  BIG SIGH.

Part of me wants to scrap Boston and just get the surgery over with now.  It would put me 3 months closer to being back on my feet again.  He said I’d be back running 2 months after surgery and back to a level that I’m comfortable in 6 months.  And he said the good news is that after we do this that I won’t have to deal with this again.  While I guess that IS good news, right now it doesn’t feel like it.  I just wasn’t prepared for that yesterday.  I was so close to cancelling the appointment because I thought it was unnecessary and now I’m looking at surgery, how did that happen?  In any case, as far as Boston is concerned, the registration is paid, the plane tickets are non refundable, the hotel is booked and in the long run, what difference does 3 months make anyway?  I worked hard to get to Boston, I might as well go and enjoy it.  The main issue I see at this point is how I’m going to stay motivated to train knowing that I’m just going to have to sit around in a cast and on crutches losing any fitness I gain now.

Yesterday after I got over the initial shock of the diagnosis and the snow was coming down hard, I headed out for a run.  I had 6 miles on my schedule and his blessing to run, so why not?  And go figure, it was one of the best runs I’ve had in months.  Not that it was super speedy or anything, I just felt good.  The snow was beautiful and soft under foot and it’s kind of neat being the first one making tracks in the snow.  It was hard to understand how my heel was broken and needed a screw but the run could feel so good.  Frustration.

On the plus side, I really liked the new podiatrist.  He was recommended by a friend and I really liked him and felt good about his diagnosis.  I should’ve been put in a cast and been non weight bearing when this fracture was found.  Apparently it’s not in a great spot in general and being non weight bearing gives it the best chance of healing.  I wish I had seen him from the beginning.  I have a CT scheduled for Friday and after that we’ll have a clearer picture of exactly what it is we’re dealing with.  In the meantime I just need to keep using the bone stimulator twice a day.  And keep training.  Just taking things one day at a time.


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  1. Juliet says:

    Hang in there girl! Thinking of you. Juliet

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