It’s Official: No Boston for me

I wanted to run yesterday.  Before my appointment today where we’d go over the results of my CT scan and talk about my options.  So I met a friend and ran a little over 7 miles in the Manassas Battlefields.  They were beautiful.  When we started running it was warm and sunny and the snow was packed down but not icy or slippery at all.  It was a perfect day to run.  But then I landed on a rock and felt a shooting pain through my foot and going up the hills, my hamstring was screaming.  I knew that my body could barely handle 7 miles, there was no way it could make it through multiple long runs and a marathon.  Plus, I didn’t want to hate running.  Right now running hurts.  I don’t want to do.  I don’t want to run when I feel so negative about it.

So today when I talked to my doctor I told him I decided to skip Boston and do the surgery asap.  He agreed with that decision.  Unfortunately, the fracture affects the calcaneus/cuboid joint and it’s degenerating.  What does this mean?  It means that if he fixes the break and it heals and I’m still in pain, I may need a second surgery to fuse the calcaneus and cuboid together.  Apparently, that is a death toll for distance running.  He said some doctors would just fuse that joint while he’s fixing the other problem but he doesn’t want to do that at this point.  I’m young and healthy (his words, I’m feeling about 80 years old right now) and that I should heal well.  He wants to give me a chance to heal before doing something that could permanently end marathon running.

And not that it matters now, but I asked if he thought this would’ve healed if I’d been put in a cast in July and he said probably.  UGH.  So now I wait.  The soonest he could get me in on the schedule is the end of February.  I wish I could do it now, today if possible.  I’m just ready to get on with it.  But that’s not how it works, so I’ll just have to try to be patient for the next month.

I know it’s a good decision, so I feel good about it.  I guess in the meantime I should teach myself to crochet or something.  I’m going to allow myself a little time to wallow about this and then it’s time to move on.  I have a lot of freezer meals to start planning!


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