My last run!

Okay, I guess it wasn’t my last run, I mean, I’m not dying here.  But it WAS my last pre-surgery run and my last run for a couple of months, so that makes it kind of special I guess.  I decided I wanted to take my booty to the trails to enjoy some quality time with nature before the big day.  I kind of forgot how painful nature is.  Actually, I think the problem was that the first time I ran this particular trail was last year when I was in good shape.  I did a couple 20 milers on the trail and loved every minute.  Well, when I’m in more sub-par shape, the trail was incredibly painful.  Don’t get me wrong, I still loved it, but holy cow did my lungs burn.  And my slow as a snail pace wasn’t exactly impressive.


Coach joined me for the final run except he’d probably call it more of a brisk walk.  Oh well.  Doesn’t that trail just make you want to get up and RUN?!  Yes?  Yes.


This was supposed to show how muddy I got but I don’t feel like this picture does it justice.  I was pretty deep in the mud a couple of times.  It makes me feel hard core when my shoes are muddy.

So, that’s all the running I’ll be doing until probably May.  Woah.  That seems like a long way off.  But I’m glad I got in my 8 lung burning hilly muddy miles in today.

And totally off topic, I returned some stuff to Old Navy today and took a spin around before heading out.  I saw these work out shirts and wanted them.


But since I’m not going to be doing much working out for the present I left them there.  Occasionally I have self control- and I bought a new running jacket on Saturday so I figured I’d already spent my running clothes allowance for the month.  That was after Lawrence and I ran 8 miles on Saturday.  Did I mention that?  It’s the farthest he’s run in a year and a half or so.  I was glad we got to do it together before I got incapacitated.  We lucked out with some gorgeous weather and had a pretty perfect run.

So I’m ready.  It’s almost show time.


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