Back home and feeling good!

Well, all in all, having surgery wasn’t the worst way to spend the morning.  Because I wasn’t scheduled until 9:45, I was able to get up at normal time to get the kids up for school.  While they were getting dressed, I hopped in the shower and got ready while they ate breakfast.  We drove down to the bus stop and after we waved goodbye, we headed straight to the surgery center.

Everyone was great.  After getting registered, I was taken back pretty quickly.  I changed and had my IV put in and then Lawrence came back to hang out until it was time to go back.


And just as a PSA for anyone else out there who may need surgery in the future, the only article of clothing that you’re allowed to keep on under your gown is your underwear.  So when choosing your special surgery undies, you might want to pick a pair that provides a lot of… ummm… coverage.  I chose poorly.  I apologize to all the nurses who had to see that.  That was tmi but I’m willing to go there to save someone else from the embarrassment.  On the plus side, it made Lawrence’s morning.


not at all relevant but it kind of makes my day when someone takes my pulse and asks me if I’m a runner.  Since I’ve haven’t actually FELT like a runner in quite a while now, it’s nice to be able to say, yes!  Yes I am!

After I signed my life away to my doctor and the anesthesiologist, they walked me back to the operating room.  I remember getting on the table and having them buckle me in and then nothing until I woke up as they were wheeling me in to recovery.  I woke up feeling great.  Totally wide awake, talking, and asking for coffee.  Apparently, that isn’t the normal reaction to coming out of anesthesia because the nurse seemed to be a little surprised.  But I really did feel great the moment I woke up.  No nausea, no pain, just ready to go.  So we sat there for a little bit while I was a little groggy and drank my coffee and then we headed out.  It was around 12:30 by the time we were ready to go and since I hadn’t eaten anything, I was ready for lunch.  So we went out to Sweetwater on the way home.  It was a celebration of sorts, the end to this year long injury and a start to a new healthy year of running.

As far as the actual surgery, he didn’t end up putting the screw in after all.  When he opened up my foot, I actually had 3 different fractures instead of just the one we were expecting.  There was a smaller parallel fracture above the larger fracture that showed up on the x-ray and CT.  There was another perpendicular fracture from the smaller fracture to the top of the bone and a lot of cartilage damage at the top of the calcaneus and the bottom of the cuboid.  So he cleaned up the damaged cartilage, cleaned out the larger fracture and filled it with bone putty and removed one of the two upper bone fragments.  Holy Cow!  And all of this caused by running on it.  He said since he didn’t put in a screw the recovery time should be a little shorter and this should still 100% fix all the issues I’ve had over the past year.

So now I’m just sitting in bed icing and keeping my foot elevated with my friend.


Meet my Ugly Doll (yes, it’s actually called that, see)  My sister gave him to me for my birthday a few years ago, you’re never too old for stuffed animals.   And now he’s keeping me company while I’m laid up.  They  numbed up my leg during the surgery so I haven’t needed any pain medication yet, we’ll see tonight and tomorrow what kind of pain I’m in.  So far though, I feel good.

So that’s about it.  Lawrence has been taking good care of me and I’ve been getting around well although I’m cursing all of the stairs in our house right now.  It will be a long 6 weeks of scooting up and down on my booty but totally worth it to get me fixed up.


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  1. Alice says:

    The name “Ugly Doll” makes them interesting but isn’t entirely accurate as they are mostly very cute and, as they are made of felt, very comfy. I’m glad you have so many reminders of your big sis’ surrounding you at this time. That pic I took of you and Lawrence way back when is right there in front of you too….glad all went well! Wish I could write on your cast. I think I’d write, “Under all this is a foot that will get me to Boston….AGAIN!” Love you!

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