Procrastination for the win

What a morning!  Friday night I realized I never paid the ticket I got back in January.  The registration on our van apparently expired in November while we were knee deep in kitchen renovations and we just totally forgot about it.  I got pulled over in January, got the ticket, tossed it on the counter and promptly forgot about it.  Friday night I looked at it and realized the court date was today.  I got online to try to pay it but I’d waited too long to prepay it which meant I had to go into court.  I was annoyed with myself but figured I’d go in a little early, pay it before court and be done with it.   The courthouse is about 5 miles from our house and down the street from the gym, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

I got ready to go dressed in my gym clothes because I was planning to go straight to the gym and I wasn’t going to be in court anyway so what did it matter what I was wearing.  And then I ran into my first problem.  My keys weren’t on the hook by the door where I always put them.  I looked around a little and couldn’t find them.  I sent Lawrence a text asking if he’d seen them.  He asked me if I left them in his car.  DUH!  Lawrence’s car is all fancy with keyless ignition which is great except that I always throw my keys in the cup holder and forget about them.  I ran an errand yesterday and when I got home, I had to park in a visitor space because Lawrence was working on the motorcycle.  Since he was planning to move the car back into our space when he was finished, I didn’t need to lock the doors which is why I didn’t realize the keys were still in the car.  After we confirmed that my keys were at work with Lawrence, I remembered that there’s a spare key to the van in the filing cabinet… in the basement.  So I crutched my way down the stairs, found the key, thank the Lord that it was there and crutch back up the stairs.  At this point, I’m not going to be as early as I’d hoped, but I can still make it on time.

I leave the house, get in the car and try to start it.  It won’t start.  At this point it just seems ridiculous.  You’ve got to be kidding me!!!  I don’t know what I’m going to do if I can’t get to the court house or even what happens if I don’t show up.  Do they suspend my license?  I have no clue!  I tried to get the engine to turn over a few times and then called Lawrence.  Apparently, the key in the filing cabinet is an old key.  I lost my keys a few years ago and we had to get new ones which meant recoding the starter or something.  So my old key opened the car but wouldn’t start it.  Lawrence said he thought the valet key was in the glove box and thankfully when I opened the glove box, there it was.  And there was much rejoicing.

So after all that, I was finally able to get to the courthouse with time to spare.  I went to go pay the fine and guess what, you can’t prepay the fine on the day of your court date.  So I had to go to the courtroom.  Fantastic.  I was disheveled, dressed in gym clothes and had to go see the judge.  Wonderful.  I went into the court room and waited.

Luckily, the judge who I was assigned to was really cool.  He started off by explaining things and then said that anyone with tickets with things like expired tags, expired licenses, lights out, etc. would be dismissed as long as those things were taken care of.  After he called your name, all you had to do was show the officer proof that you had taken care of it, then you were free to go.  That was great news…. except I didn’t have any proof!  I had been planning to come in an pay the fine, not planning to try to get out of the ticket.  But it would take too long to go out to the car before he got to my name so I just had to sit there and wait.  He called my name.  I stood up.  He asked me if I’d taken care of it.  I said yes but I left the registration in the car.  He told me to come up to the podium, I went to grab my crutches and he said, “Oh wait, nevermind stay right there.  I was going to have you run out to the car and grab it but you look relatively trust worthy so you’re free to go.”

So, that’s how my procrastination saved us $60.  And I even still had time to make it to the gym before I had to get the kids from the bus stop.  Not too bad for a Monday morning. 🙂


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  1. Alice says:

    I think my favorite part about this story is how many times you called Lawrence. So cute. He makes a good white knight I think.

    1. I didn’t mention that I also called him as soon as I got out of the court room to let him know that the ticket was dropped. He asked if I still had to pay the court costs. I said no, the judge dismissed it and said I could leave but then I started second guessing myself so I hung up and went back to ask someone just to make sure I didn’t need to pay anything. I didn’t. And then I called him back again. And then I almost fell over trying to talk on the phone while walking on crutches. So add 2 to the total of times I called Lawrence yesterday morning. 🙂

  2. I’ll remember this the next time I get a ticket — that is if I ever get to drive again.

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