Back to work

Yesterday was my first day back at work since the surgery.  I can’t decide whether it’s good to be back in the store or not.  I like what I do.  I like talking to people about their races, their goals, their aches and pains.  I like helping them find the best shoes, socks, water bottles, whatever it is they need for their training.  But while I’m on crutches, it’s just difficult to do pretty much everything.  The reality is that it’s much more fun working in a running store when you’re actually running yourself.  At least for me.  This weekend is the Shamrock marathon which is the first race I pulled out of last year after this injury.  Crazy to think back about that now.  I definitely didn’t imagine myself here back then.  But I’m not going to dwell on that this morning.  Now that I’m all fixed up it’s better to look forward than back.

I’ve now been on crutches for two weeks.  I’m surprised by how quickly they’ve gone.  In fact the whole thing has been pretty easy.  I can tell if my foot gets bumps that it’s still sore but two weeks out from surgery I expect that.  I think the only real discomfort I have is at the end of the day my foot gets pretty swollen and the cast feels tight.  To help relieve that I’ve started doing this before bed:


It actually helps a lot.  So now my night routine is: 1. Put kids to bed. 2. Roll out my hamstring until I cry. 3. Lie on floor with feet in the air for 15 minutes. And if I’m feeling especially motivated throw some crunches in while my feet are up to keep it interesting.  My life just keeps getting more and more exciting! 😉

After my kids wandered around the kitchen yesterday morning looking for breakfast and realizing the cupboards were pretty bare, I made them all come to Target with me after school.  It was almost like a grocery delivery service except, well, I had to actually go to the store.  But I just crutched around and pointed to what we needed and my little helpers pushed the cart and grabbed the groceries.  We ended up with a few extra items but I figured it was just the service fee.

I got bored at work yesterday and decided to measure my quads.  What?  That’s not totally normal?  I was pretty sure the right one was already noticeably smaller than the left.  And I was right.  After 2 weeks there’s just under an inch difference.  For accuracy, my coworker helped measure 5 inches up from my kneecap to make sure I was measuring at the same spot on both legs.  It makes me nervous because I don’t know how long it will take to balance out again.  And also, am I going to look totally comical in 3 weeks with one huge leg and one tiny one?  I guess we’ll tackle that one in PT when the time comes.

Lawrence and I have been trying to figure out what to do with our plane tickets to Boston and it looks like we’re just going to scrap them.  And that is a lesson learned for me: always get refundable tickets because I’m made of glass.  I’m actually not disappointed.  I think I used up all my disappointment last year.  I’m kind of sad about the wasted money but it’s a sunk cost so there’s nothing to do about it now.  So instead of making Boston plans, we’re making spring break plans for the family and there’s nothing disappointing about that.  🙂

Off to the chiropractor this morning and then to the gym.  Getting it done!




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