I love coffee and my chiropractor

Yesterday I was in bed at 9.  Not sure why I was so exhausted but I was.  And also I’ve been going through this thing lately where, when I get into bed, I get really excited because it means that I get to go to sleep, wake up, and drink coffee!  That’s how much I enjoy my cup of coffee in the morning.  I told Lawrence that last night and he told me I was weird.  I don’t think it’s THAT weird.  There’s just something about a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning that starts my day off right.

Moving on, I saw Dr. Wong on Wednesday and he’s my favorite as always.  I started seeing him a few months into my injury last year and he’s always worked on my foot and lower leg.  This was the first time he did a full adjustment and holy cow, it was amazing… in a slightly painful loud cracking kind of way.  He also worked on my hamstring for a bit and it felt much better yesterday.  I’m hoping after a couple more weeks off it, it will be back to normal.  The nice thing about Dr. Wong is that he’s never in a rush.  He was in the room with me for over 30 minutes talking about everything.  The surgery, the imbalance caused by the crutches, exercises I can do to keep some muscle tone in my right quad/hamstring/glute, and how to start back slowly are just a few of the topics we touched on.  I just like his whole body philosophy.  As much as I love my podiatrist, sometimes specialists can get too focused on one area.  He’s a podiatrist, my foot was broken, so his job was to fix it.  But I’m 100% positive that I pulled my hamstring last June because of my foot.  Everything’s connected and often the point of pain isn’t actually the main culprit.  For example, plantar fasciitis is often caused by too tight calf muscles.  The pain you feel might be in your arch or heel, but if you don’t deal with tightness in your calves, it will be hard to resolve the problem.  It’s Dr. Wong’s job to look at all the symptoms and all the causes and then treat all of me.  Not just my foot or my hamstring.  Before I saw him I was having hip pain getting up and down after the adjustment, no more pain.  I go back once I get into the boot in 3 weeks to do another adjustment and I’m already looking forward to it.  I’m just really happy with my medical team at the moment.  I feel confident that if I listen to them and don’t spazz out, I will be back to healthy as quickly as possible.

Yesterday was back to work and I nearly killed myself trying to carry shoes out of the back room.  Crutches + Trying to carry anything = Bad news.  On the plus side, people have been super helpful.  I try to be as self sufficient as possible, but sometimes I have to accept help to avoid hurting myself.  Like yesterday when I was trying to carry free weights to my bench, it was just precarious and a guy came over and took them from me and put them where they needed to go.  I think it was to avoid having to call an ambulance when I fell over and broke a few more bones.  In any case, I really appreciated the help.

Today, I’m heading out to lunch with a friend and Lawrence and I have a date at the gym planned for this evening.  Good stuff.  Monday I get my new cast on and I think I’m going pink this time to appease Lauren.  Once that goes on, as long as things continue to look good, only 2 more weeks on crutches!  I can’t believe how fast the time has gone but I’m so ready to be out of the cast and back in the walking boot.  Hmmmm… never thought I’d say that! 😉


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