Weekend recap and healthy changes

Another snow storm last night means my doctor’s appointment and new cast will have to wait until tomorrow.  Lawrence took Brendan and his friend snow boarding today.  They left last night so they could get an early start on the slopes which means my shovelers are gone!  I guess I’m just snowed in until further notice.

We had a nice low key weekend mostly consisting of laundry, gym and visiting.  I’m usually in charge of the laundry but since I’ve been on crutches I’ve only been down to the basement once when I needed the spare key to the van.  Until I’m walking again, our laundry routine is now Lawrence runs all the laundry through on Saturday and I fold it all.  It made me: 1. appreciate my usual laundry system where I do some laundry every day during the week and don’t do any over the weekend.  I prefer it that way.  And 2. In our next house, I want laundry on the top floor.  Walking down two flights of stairs with all the clothes/sheets/towels is a pain.  Yes, I’m aware this is a first world problem.

We went to the gym both Saturday and Sunday which means I reached my goal last week and made it to the gym 6 times!  I said I wanted to make it at least 4 times per week while I was in the cast and it’s nice to accomplish a goal no matter how small.  Lawrence and I did chest and back together on Saturday and I’m getting close to being able to do a pull up.  I don’t think I’ve ever done one legit pull up (from hanging with no jump or help.)  Yesterday I was able to do two with 20 pounds of assistance so I’m getting close!  I’m actually really enjoying all the upper body work I’m doing.  There’s something empowering to me about being strong.  I’ve never been one for upper body workouts.  I’ve halfheartedly done it in the past but I’ve always focused on legs because you know, those are what you run on and all.  But I do wonder what kind of effect all this upper body/core work will have on my running if any.  I feel like it can only help.

In addition to the upper body changes I’m seeing, I also made some diet changes recently and am already seeing some positive effects.  I gave up Diet Coke for lent.  Before I gave it up, I’d been having pretty severe stomach issues every night.  I’ll spare you the details but I was in a pretty good amount of pain every night after dinner.  It got to the point where Lawrence and I thought I was lactose intolerant and I was considering cutting all dairy out of my diet.  Well, once I stopped drinking Diet Coke, a lot of my symptoms went away!  It made giving it up a lot easier because I have zero desire to bring that misery back into my life.  I’ve had a few dicey nights over the past couple of weeks, so I’m not convinced Diet Coke was the only issue, but it was definitely a contributor.  In addition to that, I’ve stopped eating after dinner.  For a long time Lawrence and I would settle into a tv show after the kids were in bed with something sweet.  He prefers chocolate and I prefer candy.  I’d be afraid to know exactly how much candy I’ve consumed at night over the last year, usually Hot Tamales or Sour Patch Kids.  The strange part is that I haven’t missed them at all.  If I feel like I need something sweet, I drink a glass of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and that satisfies my sweet tooth.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe because it’s thick and almost milk-shake like.  Maybe because candy + milk doesn’t sound appealing.  I don’t know, but it’s been working for me.  And the third change I made was to cut out wine with dinner.  I read a few articles about the effect alcohol on bone healing and this article really made me think:

Also important is advice on abstaining from alcohol when broken bones are healing, because drinking has a detrimental effect on the healing process. “To heal properly, bone cells must first form a ‘matrix,’ which later hardens or ossifies,” explains fellow researcher at the Omaha VA Medical Center, Dr Terrence Donohue (also professor of internal medicine at University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha). “Alcohol consumption changes the composition of this matrix by suppressing the formation of osteoblasts and/or decreasing their ability to respond to signals that normally trigger bone formation after a fracture.”

Now I don’t know if a glass of wine or two with dinner is going to make a difference but after dealing with this injury for a year, spending all this time and money trying to heal it, it just makes sense to give my body all the help it can get.

And while I didn’t do any of those things specifically to lose weight, cutting out all those calories is definitely making a difference.  I don’t actually weigh myself so I don’t know if I’ve changed weight-wise but I can tell I’ve definitely dropped some fluff around the middle.  Which will make getting back to running again that much easier.  So yay for healthy changes!

Back to our weekend, after the gym on Saturday we headed out to Lawrence’s parents house for dinner.  It’s been so nice to have all the dinner help.  One less night of me hopping around our kitchen! 🙂  Sunday we went to our nephew’s 2nd birthday party.  The kids had a great time seeing their cousins and I got out of cooking dinner for the second night in a row.  Once we got home, Lawrence and Brendan packed up and headed out and I went to bed early so I could wake up and drink coffee. 😉

Since I’m stuck inside all day today, I’ll be doing some mobility exercises and lots and lots of foam/ball rolling.  There will probably be some game playing and movie watching as well.  Looking forward to spring!


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