Bribery works

I was thinking about this blog yesterday and how my original intent was for it to be a running blog to keep me motivated and accountable.  In the past year it’s been pretty much anything BUT that because I’ve been doing so little running.  I’m really hoping this surgery changes all that and I can get back to it.  Sorry that was random.

Yesterday was a rest day for me and it felt good to do nothing.  My entire upper body is feeling pretty tired and sore.  It’s not used to all this work.  But it’s back to the gym today.   To make the time go faster on the rope pull machine, I’ve started doing a 10 minute warm up and then 1 minute pulling as fast as I can followed by a 2 minute recovery for 20 minutes.  My arms pretty much feel like jello after the fast minute.  I’m going to try to start reducing the amount of time between fast pulling… or maybe I won’t, I haven’t decided yet.  It hurts!

The kids decided to shovel the sidewalk and dig out the car yesterday.


(Please ignore my lame attempt to black out my license plate.)

Well, “decided” is probably not the right term.  I told them we could go out and get a treat if they dug me out.  With Lawrence and Brendan gone, it was my only chance at being able to leave the house.  And they were incredibly motivated by the prospect of a reward.  So much so, that when I looked out a little bit later all three of them were sitting on the roof of the van pushing snow off.  After telling them to get down and watching them slide down the windshield, I crossed my fingers that they didn’t break the windshield wipers off and sent them to their rooms.  They definitely know better than that.  And it reminds me that when giving instructions to children I need to be VERY specific.  Instead of, “Dig out the car” I should’ve said, “Shovel AROUND the car but under no circumstances should you get on top of the car.”  Lesson learned.  But, they DID fulfill their end of the deal and we really needed to get out of the house, so once the roads were clear, we headed out to Chuck E Cheese.


Lauren takes St. Patrick’s day very seriously.

And their winnings:


While we were tearing up Chuck E Cheese, Brendan and Lawrence were doing some of this


Brendan can get some air.  Apparently moments after this picture was taken, this happened


That kid is fearless.  We know he doesn’t get it from me… ahem… the gutter cleaning incident.

I’ll be running around all day today.  The kids are going in two hours late, so I’ll drop them off at the bus stop and then head straight to work.  After work, I’ll pick them up from the bus stop and then straight to the podiatrist.  The kids are thrilled they get to see the cast get sawed off and the new pink cast put on.   And from the podiatrist we’re heading to the gym.  Because I knew I wouldn’t have time to make dinner tonight, I threw some chicken in the crock pot this morning.  It was either that or stop for fast food on the way home from the gym and I’m really trying to avoid that.

Off to work, have a great day!


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