Cast #2

3 Weeks!  3 weeks ago I had surgery, which means that I’ve been on crutches for 3 weeks now.  It’s actually gone more quickly than I thought it would but I’m definitely over it and ready to be walking around again.

I had my cast changed yesterday and if you’re at all squeamish you should stop reading now.  Ok?  Ok.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Since I worked yesterday I had to bring the 3 younger ones to the doctor with me.  No big deal, I thought they’d like seeing how they saw off the cast.  We got through that part.  She cut off all the extra padding under the hard cast and pulled everything off and this is what we were left with.


And a shot of my incision.


So bruised and swollen.

My doctor said obviously we’d like to see less swelling but it’s not horrible and to just try to elevate it and ice behind my knee as often as possible.  Well, I haven’t iced a single time in the last 2 weeks because I didn’t think I needed to once I got in the cast.  Oops.  I see him again in two weeks, so my goal over that period is to elevate and ice as much as possible.

Back to the appointment, Ryan is clearly my son.  I can’t look at blood and cuts.  Like, I really just can’t look at them.  If one of the kids gets hurt and Lawrence isn’t home, it’s traumatic for all involved.  So while the doctor was cleaning the incision up, Ryan had to leave the room.  This was pretty much how he felt about the experience:


I don’t blame him, my foot looked pretty gross.

We talked about what happens next and the original plan was to move into the walking boot at the next appointment.  Yesterday he said he may have me remain non-weight bearing in the boot for a couple more weeks.  I told him that if he wanted me 100% on crutches than he should probably just leave me in a cast.  It’s hard not being able to carry things and I know I’d be tempted to just put the crutches down and carry this or that really quick.  He laughed and said he appreciated my honesty and we’d take a look at it at the next appointment and go from there but he may recast me for another 2 weeks then.  While I know that’s what’s best for me, I have a history of over doing it, the thought of 4 more weeks on crutches is pretty discouraging.  So for now I’m just focused on getting through the next 2 weeks until the next appointment.  No use worrying about something I can’t change.  So anyway, now I’m all re-casted up and looking like this


From the doctor, we headed to the gym.  30 minutes on the rope pull, 20 minutes of core and then 10 minutes on hip machine doing hamstring/quad/glute for my right leg.  The machine looks like this:


It’s one of the only leg machines where the pad doesn’t hit my cast.  I don’t do a ton a weight, but it’s good to be able to do something to keep the muscles in my right leg firing while I’m off it.

Today it’s back to work and counting the hours until this weekend.  Lawrence and I are going on our March date and I’m ready to go!


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