Branching out

Are we seriously going to get more snow this week???  I think at this point everyone I know is ready for winter to head on out and spring to settle in.  Definitely over it.  Moving on… I had to work Saturday and didn’t even get to enjoy the gorgeous day we had.  Saturdays are the only day when I work a full 8 hour shift, during the week, I only work 10-3 so I can get the kids off the bus and it was the first Saturday I’ve worked since surgery.  We were pretty busy and my foot was seriously angry at the end of it.  About an hour before we closed, I had to lie down for a few minutes with my foot up to try to relieve some of the pressure from the swelling.  One of my coworkers made fun of me and I told him that he gets to clean up the mess when my foot pops.  I’ve don’t think I’ve ever had swelling like that where it really did feel like my foot would explode at any minute.  Luckily it didn’t and I won’t be working another 8 hour shift in my cast so that’s a good thing for everyone involved.

After I got home from work, I changed and we headed out for our March date.  Technically it was supposed to be for dinner and a movie but there wasn’t a movie that we really wanted to go see.  Lawrence’s birthday is Friday so we’re going to use the movie vouchers to take everyone to see the Lego movie.  I think that would be a fun birthday activity for him.  So our date turned into dinner and dessert which worked out perfectly.  Back in February I bought him a Groupon to an Indian restaurant that he said he wanted to try.  It was awesome.  We’ve been in a rut for the last… oh… 15 years where we go to the same couple restaurants every time we go out.  It’s hard when you don’t go on dates very often, you don’t want to risk going some place bad and getting something you don’t like.  But now that the kids are getting older and it’s easier to get out, we’re trying to branch out more.  We love Indian food but since we’ve been married, we’ve never been to an Indian restaurant.  So. Lame.


Lawrence was SUPER excited to be there.


I could drink the raita (the white cucumber sauce) by itself.  So yummy.

From there we headed to Pinkberry to use another Groupon.  Of all of the frozen yogurt places out there these days, Pinkberry is my favorite.  I just love the sweet tart flavor of Greek frozen yogurt.  I went with the key lime flavor and Lawrence branched out from his usual, original, and went with chocolate… he regretted that decision.  When in doubt, original is the way to go.


Sunday was laundry day.  There are a mountain of reasons I’m counting down the minutes until I get out of this cast and near the top of that list is laundry.  It’s too hard (and dangerous) for me to try to carry the bags of laundry from the bedrooms to the basement.  Usually I do a couple of loads every day during the week and don’t do laundry over the weekend.  Since I’ve been in the cast, Lawrence runs all the laundry through one day during the weekend, carries it down, gets it washed and dried and carries it back up.  Then I fold it all.  I absolutely hate this.  I hate spending a whole weekend day doing laundry.  Plus by the end of the week, we’re all running pretty low on clothes.  I like my normal system and am ready to get back to it.  I’m also ready to wear jeans again.  Jeans, I miss you!  And you’re welcome for that run down on my laundry system.  I’m sure that’s an incredibly exciting and helpful thing to know.

During the laundry marathon we were able to make it to the gym, which makes 4 days for me last week.  I got on the rope pull machine as usual but switched it up by pulling up on the rope (instead of down like I usually do) for part of the time.  It was seriously painful.  I figure that means it’s working.  Or I’m seriously weak.  I don’t know.  After I got through that and did some core, Lawrence and I did chest and back together.  When lifting I think it’s probably important for me to remember what my goals are.  I’m trying to get stronger without bulking up, so lots of reps of lighter weights would make sense.  However, being the spazz I am, I like to try to see how much weight I can lift every time.  As cool as it would be for me to be able to bench press Lawrence, it would be too costly to have to buy all new shirts to accommodate my giant arms and chest.  So I’m going to try to cool it with the heavy weight while I’m still able to button up my tops.

Today I’m trying to get in touch with the Exogen people so I can get my bone stimulator recharged before I get out of the cast.  It’s still got charges left but it’s only guaranteed until 200 and I’m at 181, so  I might as well get it all juiced up before I start using it regularly again.  I have no clue if it actually works or if it matters but insurance paid for it and I own it, so I might as well go ahead and use it.

Now I think it’s time to go pray that it doesn’t actually snow this week… or at least pray that if it does, the kids still go to school.  Fingers crossed!


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