4 Week Stats

As I was thinking about how I was feeling a month out from surgery yesterday, I thought it would be useful to start documenting my recovery so I can see where I’m at currently and where I was at each stage.  I’ll try to post stats every 2 weeks from here on out at least for the next couple of months.

I had worked up a solid running base before I had surgery and I had two major concerns going into it.  1. That I would lose all fitness and gain a lot of weight.  It was less a concern of looks and more a concern of how much harder starting to run again would be.  I can definitely tell when I’m running heavy and when I’m running light.  Obviously, it’s just easier to run without extra pounds to carry around.  If this year is at all salvageable as far as training goes, I can’t just let myself go for two months.   And 2. That after the surgery, I still wouldn’t heal, still be in pain and still not be able to train like I wanted to.  Because of those two concerns, I changed a lot of things about my workout routine and diet.  Staying fit and giving my body every healing advantage I can are my main goals.  So I’ll address those in my stats as well.

Stats 4 weeks from surgery:

Weight:  140 (with cast)

Thigh measurement (measured at 5″ above the kneecap):  Left- 17″ Right- 16″

Calf measurement: NA (will do this once I’m out of the cast)

Cast/boot/brace?: Cast

Weight bearing?: 100% non weight bearing

Pain?: Almost none.  Occasionally I’ll move my foot and feel a shot of pain which is probably why I’m feeling anxious right now.

Exercise Routine: 4-6 days/week, all cardio on rope pull machine (30 minutes 4-6x/week), weights at least 3x/week all upper body.

Diet: Eliminated Diet Coke, mostly eliminated candy and chips.  Trying to reduce amount of processed foods I eat and increase fruit and veggie intake.  This change is also due to some digestive issues I’ve been having.  I’m trying to figure out what’s causing them.  Eliminating Diet Coke helped but didn’t totally eliminate them.  I’m on a mission to discover the culprit.

Supplements: Twice a day: a calcium,magnesium, zinc, vitamin D multi and glucosamine and chrondroitin

Alcohol: No alcohol during the week for the most part and 1-2 drinks (usually red wine, occasionally beer) on the weekend.

State of mind: Feeling anxious that the surgery didn’t work or made things worse.

As far as diet and alcohol go, I’m not strict about things.  If I go to a mom’s night out during the week, I’ll have a margarita, not a big deal.  If I want something sweet, I’ll have a piece of dark chocolate after dinner.  It’s been more about changing bad habits, like having a glass or two of wine with dinner every night.  That’s a LOT of extra calories.  Or having a bag (and not the single serving kind) of candy while watching tv after the kids are in bed… nearly every night.  A lot of empty calories and that much sugar isn’t good for anyone.  At this point, I’d rather make a concerted effort to put into my body the things it needs to heal itself.

Hopefully over the next few updates I’ll be able to see positive changes.  If not, I may have to rethink my position on candy.


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