Weekend happenings

Remember that time we remodeled our kitchen?  It’s been about 90% done for the last few months.  After we took the break for Christmas, we never really got back on track.  So when Lawrence’s dad called and offered to come over and help get some of those last remaining details knocked out, we jumped at the chance.  One of the things Lawrence really hasn’t been looking forward to was putting the large panel next to the fridge because it’s heavy and cumbersome.  But after a couple of hours, they got it cut and installed.


One more thing knocked off the list!  Only the crown molding on top of the cabinets and a few more pieces of baseboard to go.

While they were working on that, I decided I couldn’t put off cleaning our floors any longer.  1.  As much as I love our dark floors (and I do love them) they show every speck of dirt on them.  After all the nasty weather, there was so much dirt/sand/small rocks everywhere.  2. It takes a lot longer to clean the floors on my hands and knees than it does when I stand and do it.  But maybe they’re cleaner since I was so up close and personal with them?  In any case they were clean for all of 2.3 seconds.  Oh well.

We took a break Saturday night and headed over to a friend’s house where we were introduced to the game Settlers.


Fun game.  Next time I won’t make such stupid open moves… hopefully.

Yesterday we took the kids to hit some golf balls.  While they were playing, this happened…


Oops.  In all fairness, I didn’t have any coffee Monday-Friday and it didn’t seem to make any difference stomach-wise.  I’m still off of coffee in the morning and don’t plan to drink it often.  But it was perfect yesterday.  It was a little chilly out and it kept me warm while I spectated.  Moving on…

The kids had a great time and had some really good shots!



We made it to the gym both days (6 days for the week!).  Lawrence told me it was probably time for me to switch up my workout since I’ve been doing the same thing for the last 5 weeks.  Since I can’t change machines, I went ahead and changed the setting on the rope pull machine.


I had been using it with the pulley at the top (figure 1) but moved it to the middle setting (figure 2) for my weekend workouts.  It was SO hard and I am SO sore this morning.  I had gotten pretty comfortable with my rope pull workout.  It wasn’t super easy but not that uncomfortable either.  I guess 5 weeks of the same thing will do that for you.  Well, that pulley adjustment made it a whole new ball game.  My shoulders and back burned.   I thought my arms were going to fall off.  So, I guess that’s a good thing.  Gotta keep it interesting and challenging.

Speaking of which, I’ve also been doing the nordic hamstring curls and wow did they make my butt and hamstrings (both of them) sore.  In a good way.  In a sore because they haven’t been used in a while way, not a sore because they’re injured way.  I’m doing those in addition to other hamstring rehab exercises and am only doing them every other day or two because I don’t want to over do it.  On the days I don’t do them, I’m rolling the heck out my hamstring.  With only a few days left in the cast and then a couple weeks in the boot, I want to really take care of it.  Hopefully it’ll be in good shape when it’s time to start PT.

Only 4 more days in the cast!  I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 weeks already.  The last week kind of dragged by, but over all it’s gone pretty quickly.  I’m nervous but ready to be off the crutches.  Can.not.wait.

Happy Monday!


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