6 Week Stats

I’m 6 weeks post surgery so it’s time to update my stats.  I’m excited that next time I do one of these posts, I should be fully weight bearing again!  Feels like so long ago since I was able to walk on both feet.  So here we go…

4 week stats here.

Stats 6 weeks from surgery:

Weight: 138 (with cast)

Thigh measurement (measured at 5″ above the kneecap):  Left- 17″  Right- 16″

Calf measurement: NA (will do this once I’m out of the cast)

Cast/boot/brace?: Cast

Weight bearing?: 100% non weight bearing

Pain?:  My foot feels bruised at the incision site.  I assume that’s normal and wonder how long it’ll feel that way.  In the past couple of days, my leg has started itching like crazy at night which is the first time since I’ve been in the cast that I’ve had any issues at all with it being itchy.  I’ve had to resort to Benadryl at bedtime so I don’t go crazy.  Thank goodness it’s coming off tomorrow!

Exercise Routine: 4-6 days/week, all cardio on rope pull machine (30-35 minutes 4-6x/week), core every day I do cardio, and weights at least 3x/week all upper body.

Rehab:  I’ve started rehabbing my hamstring.  I’m using this protocol as my guide.  Since I’m still not weight bearing on that side, I’m taking it slow and easy but my hamstring definitely feels better than it’s felt in the last 8 months.

Diet: Still not drinking Diet Coke at all and have reduced coffee to one cup a day.  In the last two weeks, I haven’t eaten any chips/pretzels/crackers.  Still trying to reduce the amount of processed foods and sugar I eat and increase fruit and veggie intake.  These changes are also due to some digestive issues I’ve been having.  Still trying to figure out what’s causing them.   While I feel like I’m eating a lot healthier (of course, I’ll always have room for improvement, my goal isn’t 100% clean eating) it hasn’t seemed to make much difference stomach wise.

Supplements: Twice a day: a calcium,magnesium, zinc, vitamin D multi.  I stopped taking the glucosamine because I thought it might be bothering my stomach.  Not sure if it was or not but I’m going to leave it out for now.

Alcohol: No alcohol during the week and maybe 1-2 drinks on the weekend.  I may cut out all drinks because they seem to bother my stomach.

State of mind: Nervous to get out of the cast but so SO ready to be off the crutches.

So that’s about it.  Tomorrow’s the day!  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll see some really big positive changes as far as recovery goes.  And keeping my fingers crossed I’ll be allowed to add some different cardio in the mix (but I’m assuming probably not for another 2 weeks.)  At least I’ll be wearing normal clothes again over spring break, and for that, I’m very excited! 🙂


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