New Beginnings

My dad asked me yesterday if I was upset about today, if missing the marathon was hard.  I’ve had a lot of time to accept the fact I wouldn’t be running, so it wasn’t as bad as it would’ve been last year.  And this year, my outlook is a lot brighter.  I had no idea what I was dealing with before and was frustrated time and time again with awful pain and no answers as to why.  This year, my foot feels better every day and I know exactly what I’m dealing with and what the prognosis is.  There’s a lot of comfort in that.  I’m disappointed that I’m not joining the thousands of runners in Boston today but I’m excited about my future.  As my coach told me last night, “By mid July you’ll be cruising along.”  Last July I was still limping around frustrated and in pain.  The next few months will be hard as I work through PT and getting back on my feet.  But I’m ready to do the work and I’m excited about where it’s going to take me.

And on that note, I’m returning to spin class today.  It’ll be the first time I’ve done any lower body workout since the end of February.   And just in time too because my left shoulder was bothering me the last couple of days.  We went to the gym on Saturday and as usual, I did the rope pull.  Everything felt fine until about 9 that evening when it just started to ache.  Lawrence helped me roll it out last night and it feels so much better, still a little sore, but about 75% better.  I actually took it pretty easy last week and only worked out 3 times but I guess my shoulders were letting me know that I’ve been working them pretty hard over the last 7 weeks and it’s time to change it up.  Good timing.  I’ll be spinning in the saddle on low resistance but it’s a start!

We had a really nice weekend of soccer and Easter fun.  We headed out to my parents’ house yesterday for dinner and an egg hunt.


The kids ready to hunt.


Luckily Brendan’s not too old to hunt eggs yet.


He is, however, too old to use a basket.



It was a beautiful day and it’s always great to see everyone.

This week, the plan is to dive back into house stuff because my brother needs the tools we borrowed back again.  We’ve only had them, oh, 6 or so months so it’s been past time for us to hand them over.  And I think it’s just the motivation we need to knock out the projects we have left.  In the scheme of things, we have so little left, but it’s been so hard to get motivated to do it.  We only have the nail gun and air compressor for another week, so some flooring and molding will be happening in the next few nights.  I’m excited to get working again and about the changes happening here in all aspects of life.  Spring is a great time for new beginnings.  I’m ready.


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  1. Alice says:

    Really nice of Dad to ask about the race. Good luck with the projects.

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