Living room updates

I mentioned the other week that we did a little rearranging in the living room and I finally have some pictures to share.  I still need to paint some trim (the never ending job!) and do some wall touch ups but it’s pretty much good to go at this point.  YAY!

Before (view from front door):


And now:


I always felt like our picture ledge was too short for the wall.  When we took down a ledge in our bedroom, I knew the living room was the perfect place to put it.  We left the top ledge alone and hung 3 frames on the wall to balance it out.  Aside from those 3, all the other frames are just sitting on the ledge which makes it super easy to change out the pictures when I feel the urge.


That little dresser moved from next to our front door to the dining room and now serves as a buffet.  It actually looks much better in that spot.

Here’s our little “mudroom” area:


That little white cabinet by the door holds the kids shoes.  Shoe storage is something we’ve struggled with for a while and have tried several different solutions but I think this is finally the winner.  Each kid has their own shoe drawer to hold the shoes they wear most often.  Less worn shoes are kept in their rooms.  They can sit on the bench, put their shoes on/take them off and they go right in the cabinet.  No more mountains of shoes and not being able to find a matching pair.  That little rubber tray under the cabinet is for wet/muddy shoes to dry out before they get put away.

Lawrence finished that landing in the picture on the left last night.  I need to touch up the wall around the trim but I absolutely love everything about it.  The white riser looks so clean and crisp and I LOVE having wood there instead of carpet.  I was trying to see if I could find a before picture of that spot and this picture from Christmas was all I could find.

DSC_0251 - Copy

Awww, cute little Lauren.  But if you look past her, you can see the old floors and the carpet on that landing.  MUCH better now.

Looking from the kitchen into the living room:


The couch used to sit in that corner (from the kitchen):


And from the front door:


My dilemma was that little recessed part of the wall.  Since the couch wasn’t centered in it, I didn’t know how to hang something there.  If I centered art in that space, it would be off center from the couch which I thought would look odd.  The other issue with the arrangement we had was that there wasn’t a good spot for a tv.  It’s not a huge big deal, we have tv’s in the basement and in our bedroom but it would be nice to have one on this level as well.  So I sent my friend (who is my design consultant) the picture above and she suggested turning the couch.  (Which I have to admit is how Lawrence wanted it all along.)  In addition to giving us a place to hang a tv, it was also a better use of all that dead space in the center of the room.  Plus it created that little mudroom area by the front door.  All very good things.

So thank you Dave and Jes for asking for your tools back and giving us the kick in the pants we needed to get these projects done! 🙂

Friday I was released from the boot and I start PT this Friday.  Walking on my foot is pretty painful and I’m limping around a lot.  It’s been frustrating.  I have to keep reminding myself that I was on crutches for 7 weeks and have been off of them for less than 2.  On the plus side, I can now use the elliptical which I prefer to the stationary bike.  Progress.  Slow progress but progress.

That’s pretty much what we’ve been up to.  There have been a few changes in the kitchen as well which I’ll share at the end of this week.  It’s so nice to have my house nearly back together again!


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