Tuesday randomness

The molding and I had an epic battle last night and the molding won.  Okay, not really.  What I think happened is that rain + taping = no good.  I painted the molding exactly the same way I’ve done all the rest.  Taped it off, two coats of semi gloss, pulled off the tape as soon as I finished painting second coat.  I’ve done so much painting at this point, I feel like I have a system.  Well for some reason, last night the tape did not want to come off.  It kept tearing and sticking and driving me crazy.  It’s frustrating to go through all the trouble of taping to make sure you have clean lines only to have little bits of green sticking out from your floor molding.  I finally gave up and went to bed  I’ll finish up today although I don’t expect different results this morning since it’s still rainy out.

It looks my first PT session won’t be until next Tuesday instead of this Friday.  A friend recommended her PT place to me with a particular woman who’s good with runners.  Her bio from their website includes this:

“She is a competitive triathlete and competed in the 2008 Short Course World Championship as a member of the 2008 Team USA Triathlon team. She also competes in Ironman distance races.

Heather had used her triathlon interest to help her treat patients with running injuries by improving technique using video analysis and providing customized exercises, drills and stretches.”

She came highly recommended and has a sports background, my kind of lady.  When I called to make an appointment yesterday morning, she was booked for 3 weeks.  I ended up scheduling with a different physical therapist who had earlier availability.  But after thinking about it and talking to Lawrence, I decided that I’d really rather wait to see Heather.  While I’m sure the other therapist was good, I’ve seen so many medical professionals over the last year, that I prefer to see someone who comes recommended to me by someone I know.  So I called back in the afternoon and as luck would have it, was able to get on the schedule next Tuesday.  I feel good about it and am glad I stuck to my guns.  In the meantime, I’m working on ankle mobility and doing foot strengthening exercises.

This week is pretty busy with work and getting everything ready for Lauren’s first communion on Saturday.  My fingers are crossed that we get a pretty day.  We have family coming over after the mass and it would be nice to able to use our deck.  And after spending hours on pinterest trying to come up with fun party recipes and ideas, I decided to do a Costco catered lunch.  Sometimes simple is better.  Especially when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed.  And lazy.


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