Life these days

The past couple of weeks have been flying by.  And even though I’m only running a little bit at this point, I can feel a shift in my attitude.  I had a long time to accept that I couldn’t run, so I’d kind of fallen into a resignation about the whole thing and moved onto other things that I could do, hello rope pull machine!  But now that I’m running again, even for just a minute or two at a time, I feel different.  It makes me feel lighter in a way that other forms of exercise just don’t do.  I’m grateful that I was able to stay active over the last year otherwise I think I would’ve fallen into a black abyss of depression during this injury.  But I’m incredibly happy to finally be back outside running.

Right now my life is pretty much work, foot appointments, kid stuff, work out, wake up, do it again.  I have pt twice a week.  I just switched to a practice that’s a little closer to my house and I’m really happy with my new therapist.  I think he’s going to be a good fit and we’re going to work well together.  I also see my chiropractor once a week.  He tortures me with Graston and I have to grip the table, look away, and try not to rip my foot away but I always leave feeling better than when I walk in.  I schedule those for the days that I don’t work.  On top of working my normal shifts, I just starting assisting with the training program through the store.  It meets 2 nights a week and has runners of all abilities.  I love running and am excited to help other people reach their goals.  It was hard for me to work in the store while I was injured and I considered quitting multiple times because I just felt too negative to talk to anyone about running.  Now that I’m moving again, I remember why I started working there in the first place.  I like going into work again!

I’ve also started training again.  For a race.  I’ve been thinking about running this race for a while but didn’t want to get too attached to the idea in case my recovery didn’t go well.  I’m still flexible with it because no race is worth hurting myself again.  But I’ve spoken to my podiatrist, pt, and chiropractor and all are positive and supportive of me being able to run a marathon this fall.  I have a very conservative training plan to slowly add distance over the next few months.  I have no expectations of pr’s or anything like that but I do hope to squeak in under the Boston qualifying time.  Lucky me, I turn 35 this year and get another 5 minutes.  Having to back out of the race this year was a bitter pill to swallow, so it would be an amazing thing to qualify for next year.  So I’m spending a lot of time in the gym cross training.  Some days are really hard.  The spin class I took on Monday was intense and I thought I was going to have a heart attack on the stairmill on Wednesday but staying focused on that race keeps me going.  Fingers crossed I’ll be toeing the line in Erie in September.

So that’s pretty much what’s going on right now.  We’re getting ready for school to get out for the summer.  Just one more month!  The kids are looking forward to swim team starting Tuesday(!!!) and then the craziness that is summer swim starts for us.  I’m ready for those warm summer nights by the pool.  Life is good.


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  1. I keep coming to see if you’ve updated since this. I hope things are still as positive as they sound in this post. You sound like you have a crazy-busy schedule. I finished my PT about ten days ago, but have lots of exercises to do at the gym and at home. My shoulder is stiff but I’m gaining strength and can actually help lift the camper again.

    Dad and I continue to pray for your full recovery so you’ll be able to meet your marathon goal. Hugs!


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