My favorite miles

Happy to report that I survived my workout on Saturday.  It reminded me: hard workouts are much better when run with someone else.  Having my brother do the pacing and most of the talking was an enormous help to me.  I checked out our splits each mile but aside from that, didn’t look at my watch during the run.  After a 25 minute warm up our tempo miles were: 6:59, 7, 6:57, 6:49, and 6:49 pace for the last .5 miles.  Dave’s watch had us a little faster, so we were probably in between the two Garmins.  I’m happy with that, moving in the right direction.  I have a workout on the schedule today and instead of worrying about pacing, I’m heading to the gym to let the treadmill do it for me.  While I prefer to run outside, I have a hard time pacing myself and this run requires me to run different intervals at different (quick for me) paces, so it’s just easier to do it indoors.

Lawrence had the day off yesterday, so after sending the kids to school, we headed to the movies.  I honestly can’t remember the last time we saw an adult movie (as in a non-kids movie, not an “adult” xxx movie, ahem) in the theater.  There were surprisingly a lot of people there for a 10 am movie.  We saw Gone Girl and enjoyed it but both felt a little let down with the ending.  After that, we did a little walking around outside to soak up the beautiful weather and then had lunch at one of our favorite places.  It was a pretty perfect day.

After we got home and picked the kids up, we headed over to the rec center to watch Brendan try out for the high school swim team.  He’s been working hard over the last few months and was really nervous about try outs.  They continue through this week and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that he makes the team.

It was dark by the time we got home but the boys really wanted to go running and I still needed to squeeze in my run for the day.  So we got out the headlamps and headed out for a 3.1 mile run, the longest Sean’s ever attempted.  Running with the kids is probably my favorite thing ever.  The boys are all so motivated and driven to do well in running.  Brendan started with us but quickly took off in the lead.  Ryan, Sean and I stuck together with Ryan a little ahead and Sean and I keeping a strong pace in the back.  Toward the end Sean was really struggling.  But he wanted to run a 5k so badly, that he kept pushing.  When we had less than a quarter mile to go, he started crying… but kept running.  He wouldn’t stop going.  He wanted to finish.  Through the pain and the tears, he wanted to be able to say he’d done it.  It got a little dicey near the end when we passed a couple of people walking dogs.  He was crying (pretty loudly) and I wasn’t sure if I should make him walk or we should finish the last 10th of a mile.  I’m sure all my neighbors now think I’m some kind of crazy drill sergeant parent.  But I promise, it was all him!  I’m not sure where the kids get that drive to push themselves.  I definitely didn’t have it when I was a kid.  In fact, I didn’t have it as an adult either.  I’ve quit on many many runs.  It’s only been in the last couple of years that I’ve been able to push through hard runs and workouts.  I feel much more mentally tough now than 10 years ago.  But it’s been a hard won toughness that I’ve had to practice and work at over the years.  I wasn’t born with it and definitely didn’t have it at 6, 10, and 14.  It makes me both proud of and inspired by them.


Random picture of Brendan in his first cross country meet but fits with the kids running theme.

I had 6 miles on my schedule yesterday and only did 4 with the kids.  In the past that would’ve been unacceptable to me.  But these days, my priorities are a little different.  I still have running goals and want to do well.  But I also know that sharing something that I love with my kids is more important than any run I could do by myself.  And when Ryan got up this morning, he asked if we could run again today.  How awesome is that?  We only run a few times a week because I don’t want them to hurt themselves or get burnt out with it, but those are my favorite and most rewarding miles of the week.  I can’t wait to watch them race on Thanksgiving.

Lauren had a swim meet last weekend which she did really awesome in.  Brendan and Ryan have a swim meet this weekend and that about sums up life these days.  Swimming and running.  Running and swimming.  Busy.  But awesome.


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  1. We missed you at our mini Thanksgiving, but it sounds like lots of neat things are happening in your neck of the woods. We’d love to see you — an Advent outing maybe?

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