Stomach bugs and tempo runs

It’s been a little rough around here lately.  We have a stomach bug sweeping through the house and so far, Sean, Lauren, and I have been hit with it.  It seems to be the hanging on kind in that even after the initial miserable stomach pain goes away, it hangs around making you feel off.  No fever, no throwing up, nothing bad enough to warrant staying in bed fortunately (or unfortunately?) but it’s definitely not fun.  On the plus side, I’m glad we’re dealing with this this week instead of next.  Hopefully by Thanksgiving we’ll all be back to normal.

For me, it hit on Monday after my run.  I thought it was just a poor choice of pre-run fueling but since it’s now Thursday and I’m still not feeling right, I guess it’s safe for me to eat sweet potatoes before a run after all.  Tuesday was a rest day for me and I took the day completely off in hopes that the rest would give my body time to recover before my hard workout on Wednesday.  Wednesday morning I was feeling okay besides a weird dizzy episode that I now think is linked to this silly virus.  I headed to the gym to get my workout done on the treadmill.  With the cold temps and my stomach issues, I figured the treadmill was the easiest/safest way to try to pace this workout correctly.  Plus if it turned out my stomach wasn’t interested in running hard, I could always hit the stop button and not be 2 miles away from my house.  Here’s the workout that had me scared from the second I got it:

20 min warm up

4-5 mile TEMPO@6:45

4 minutes easy jog

4×400@92 w/200m jog

20min cool down

I know my weakness is longer tempo runs.  I prefer pretty much anything over them.  Mile repeats?  Bring it on.  800’s?  Love them.  Any type of fartlek?  Yes.  But 4-5 miles of tempo?  It hurts.  I don’t like it.  I dread them.  I guess what that means for me is that I should probably do them more often since that’s the best way to cure myself of the dread.  Or make me absolutely hate running.  One or the other.

I felt okay for the 20 minute minute warmup and then started to settle into the tempo part of the workout.  I started on 1% incline but by mile 2 had brought the treadmill down to 0% incline.  I almost hit stop at 1.5 miles but figured I’d at least get 2 miles in before throwing in the towel.  Once I made it there though, I realized I wasn’t in bad shape and could push through this workout.  I don’t know how much of the struggle had to do with this virus and how much it was in my head.  I knew it was going to be hard from the get go and questioned my ability to do it.  Maybe I sabotaged myself from the beginning?  In any case, I made it to 4.5 miles of tempo @ 6:50 pace.  Progress.  My stomach was definitely letting me know it wasn’t happy with faster running, so I walked for 3 minutes, jogged for 1 minute before heading into the 400’s.  Even though they were faster, they felt easy after the long tempo.  I did have a moment of fear when the treadmill felt like it was going to completely shake apart.  I’ve never had one shake so much or make so much noise.  It didn’t do that at the lower speeds but when I cranked it up to 10mph for the 400, it shook so much, I think it must not have been balanced correctly.  Had I been starting a workout, I would’ve moved, but with only 3 more 400’s after I realized the issue, I figured I might as well finish them up there, shake and all.  Maybe the extra shake added an extra element of difficulty?  Core engagement?  Yes, I’ll tell myself that.

I’m happy with the workout.  It was tough and I pushed through.  And I’m very glad it’s over.  We’re still training for turkey trot next week.  Ryan is very excited and has worked hard.  He asks to run almost every day.  He has a few cousins running the race as well and he wants to make sure he can keep up with them.  He had a couple rough runs at the beginning that hasn’t turned him off of running.  It actually motivated him more which makes me very proud.  Hopefully we’ll all be healthy and ready to run in a week.  One week until Thanksgiving!  How did that happen??


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