The Ordinary

I’m in the ordinary time right now as far as training goes.  Specific training for Boston hasn’t started, my runs are about base building and getting fit so that I’m ready once the hard workouts start.  I actually like this point of training.  It’s like the calm before the storm.  I can just run and enjoy it.  I don’t worry about pace or mileage.  I don’t worry if I’m doing too little or too much.  I’m still following a plan, but it’s very loose and not too serious.  Which is perfect for this time of year when life gets crazy and running is mostly a stress relief tool I use when I can squeeze it in.

Sometimes, though, I don’t feel like getting out there.  Yesterday it was cold and rainy and the thought of staying in my nice warm dry house was very tempting.  But my motto through the last training cycle was and continues to be, ” This is what it takes.”  I honestly can’t remember what motivational phrases I used before, but this one has stuck and I love it.  Whenever I don’t feel like getting out there: this is what it takes.  When a workout gets hard and I want to ease off or stop: this is what it takes.  When I’m supposed to be doing an easy run but I’m feeling good and want to take off: this is what it takes.  I try to stay in whatever run I’m doing because each has a specific purpose.  The goal of all of them is to get me where I want to be, sub 3:10 in Boston.  When I think about that by itself it seems over whelming.  3:31 in Erie was HARD.  Can I really drop more than 20 minutes by April?  But when I look at it one workout at a time, one building block to lay the next one on, it seems more doable.

So that’s what I’m doing right now.  Laying the bricks.  I can’t do the hard workouts I need to do without a strong foundation.  Well, I could probably do them and end up with another broken foot.  But this time I want to be smart and methodical.  Each workout builds on the last as my body slowly changes and adapts to the mileage and paces.  It’s not exciting.  No run is particularly noteworthy.  But this is what it takes.

And in other news, the kids are out of school for Christmas break and we’ve been getting the cookies baked and the house decorated.


And of course they made their lists.  Again this year the #1 one thing on Lauren’s list is a puppy.  Poor girl will be disappointed again this year.  Ryan’s list made me smile.

christmas list

I went on a hunt for baby pictures and fell down the rabbit hole.

DSCN0799 DSCN0800

IMG_0066b img_0334

Hard to believe that tiny baby is now this big boy.


It went fast.

In addition to getting ready for Christmas, we also have two birthdays to celebrate between Christmas and New Year’s.  Lauren turns 9 on the 28th and Sean turns 7 on the 31st.  We have some big surprises for them and I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when they open them.  Hopefully I’ll have the camera ready when it happens.

Merry Christmas!


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