First World Problems

I’m happy to report that yesterday’s workout went well.  It was maybe a little tougher than I thought it would be, but mostly just comfortably difficult.  Except the last 2 minutes, those were just plain difficult.  I did have one little hiccup in the middle of the workout.  I run on the same treadmill every time.  Some of the treadmills won’t let you set them for more than 60 minutes, so on a longer run, I’ll have to stop and restart the treadmill to finish up my workout.  It’s annoying, so I always get on “my” treadmill that has no time limit.  I ran for 74 minutes yesterday and it’s nice to not have to reset for those last 14 minutes.  Anyway, my shoe came untied 6 minutes into my 3rd interval and instead of pausing the treadmill, I reset it.  Oops.  Not a big deal, just took longer than it would’ve to get started again.

This got me thinking, I see people step to the side and let the belt run to quickly tie a shoe or take a break but I never do this.  If I need to stop for any reason, I pause the treadmill because I want to know exactly how far I ran, not how far the belt ran.  Of course, if I had done that today, it probably would’ve been less disruptive to my workout but then I would’ve felt like I cheated which is silly but it is what it is.

I cut my cool down short so I could meet Lawrence for lunch at Chick Fil A with the kids (since they had the day off from school) but when I tried to turn on my car… nothing.  He was close by so he came by and jumped it for me.  I was planning to eat lunch and let the kids hang out there and play for a while just to stay out of the house, but Lawrence went out to try to turn on the car before heading back to work and it wouldn’t start AGAIN.  So he jumped it AGAIN.  I figured it would’ve been weird to leave the car sitting out front running for an hour while the kids played, so we left at the same time.  So much for getting out of the house!  We’re not sure if it’s a battery issue or what, but we just replaced the battery in July so it’s definitely annoying.

On the plus side, I got out of cooking dinner since we headed to Costco to get the battery replaced.  Is it just me or do you always eat at Costco when you go?  It’s pretty good, cheap, and easy, what’s not to love?


I love easy.  What I don’t love?  They didn’t have the battery.  Guess we’ll be jumping the car again since I’m sure it’ll be dead and hope for the best.  Strange that we went to replace the battery (that is still covered under warranty and would’ve been free) and left without said battery but with $150 of other stuff we hadn’t even planned on buying.  I have a Costco problem.

What other first world problem do I have right now?  Remember when my floors looked like this:


So pretty.  And dark.  And CLEAN.  Well, the currently look like this:


The salt and sand is driving me crazy.  I clean the floors and an hour later, they look like this again.  I may lose my mind this winter.  I have a nice little area by the front door where shoes are supposed to be taken off but clearly that isn’t happening.  I’ll have to be more strict about it and make whoever doesn’t follow the rule do the mopping.  It might save my sanity.  Oh and those potatoes were an impulse Costco buy.  I mean really, who doesn’t need a 20 pound bag of potatoes?

Lastly, tonight I drank my last Diet Coke…again…for right now.  I regularly give up Diet Coke and regularly start drinking it again.  I wish I could give it up for good, but I’m weak!  But for now while I’m ramping up the training, I think it’s a good idea to cut it out again.  And as sad it makes me, I’m also going to reduce my coffee drinking.  It’s gotten to insane levels as the weather has gotten colder.  There’s just something about a steaming hot cup of coffee on a really cold morning that makes me happy.  Maybe I’ll give tea a shot.  I need to do a lot of diet clean up.  I read this the other day, 10 foods runners should steer clear of.  I hate these articles. Number 1: Diet Soda.  Number 2: Cookies and candy.  Number 5: Alcoholic beverages.  Number 7:  Caffeinated beverages.

Basically 7 out of the 10 foods on that list make up the majority of my diet.  But I have to take baby steps, so I’ll start with the diet soda and reducing caffeine and worry about candy and wine later.

Easy run today.  I haven’t decided where yet.  I’m trying to use the treadmill as sparingly as possible, so I’m going to bundle up and head outside.  The countdown to spring has begun!


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