Reset and Refresh

Even though I don’t post often, when I eventually do, I usually mention either 1. my need to be patient with myself or 2. my lack of confidence.  The last couple of weeks were very VERY hard mentally for me.  I was frustrated that I couldn’t hit my training paces and sure that I was no where near where I need to be at this point in training.  But then…


We went to Disney World!


It was a wonderful and exhausting trip.  Wonderfully exhausting.

I had grand plans of running daily but found that I have a hard time running early in the morning because my foot takes time to warm up.  I tried one morning and felt like I was hobbling through the run and called it at 3 miles.  By the time we got back in the evening, I was so tired from walking around all day that I just wanted to collapse on the nearest soft surface.  I did manage to run 2 nights while we were there, but mostly, it was a run free vacation.  We did walk over 10 miles each day so I was still active, but definitely wasn’t following my schedule.

And I’m glad because I really needed the down time.  I’ve felt better about running since I’ve been back.  I’m not sure I’m running any better, but I feel better about running which is probably more important.  I had gotten to the point where I hated every run, felt defeated by my workouts before I even ran them, and just felt generally negative about everything running related.  Hills?  I hate hills.  Long run?  I hate long runs.  Easy run?  I hate easy runs.  Running jacket?  I hate running jackets.  You get the point.  I felt like everyone was running better and faster and happier than me.  UGH.

Now after a little break, I’m feeling better.  Ready to tackle the scary workouts.  Happy to take it easy and enjoy the slower runs.  I met up with 2 ladies yesterday for a 10 mile trail run and remembered how much I LOVE running through the woods.  Met up with another friend today for hill repeats and was reminded that I still don’t like hill repeats BUT I powered through them.  I repeated to myself, “This is what it takes” and “Sustain the pain” to get myself through the intervals.  Tomorrow I have a nice easy run followed by a 16 mile group run on Sunday.  And I’m not dreading them!

When I compare myself to other people or to myself 2 years ago, I come away frustrated.  But we all have to start somewhere.  I’m where I am and if I want to stay healthy and get faster, I need to accept and embrace that.  I can do things today that I couldn’t do last month.  And next month, I’ll be able to do things that I can’t do today.  Staying on top of stretching and strength is key for me too.  As soon as I slack on them even a little, I start to suffer.  I’m not getting any younger and the non-running stuff is nearly as important as the running stuff these days.

In other news, I found out today that I won an entry into the Rock n Roll DC half marathon.  I’ll be running for Wear Blue and am pretty excited!  I ‘m already registered for a half the next weekend but after talking to Coach Dino, my plan is to race RNR and use the race the next weekend as part of my long run.  I’ll get there early to get in about 4 or 5 miles, run the race and then get in another 3 or 4.  I like this plan because the second half marathon is really hilly and honestly I wasn’t really looking forward to it.  Now that I’m planning to take it easier, it doesn’t sound nearly as scary.  It will still hurt because long runs do, especially hilly long runs but maybe a little less than trying to run it fast.

I’m a little nervous for next week because I got this message today:

Tuesday will be off.  Wednesday is a secret workout.  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday next week will be fun and rest and recovering will be important.  I might leave the workouts blank and just let you know the morning of.

Sounds ominous.  So I’m expecting a big week.  And luckily I’m ready.  Bring it on!


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